Tips for Choosing Material for Your Bathroom Vanity Top

BathroomAre you planning to install a new vanity top in your bathroom? This is a good way to refresh the look of your bathroom. It also adds immense value to your home. However, you need to know all the possibilities and options at your disposal to make your renovation project functional and appealing. Since the material is easily the most important consideration, check out the following tips to get a suitable vanity top.

Wide Range of Materials Available

You have numerous options for your vanity top material from Layton seller like These include:
•    Wood
•    Terrazzo
•    Stainless steel
•    Stone
•    Concrete

List down all these and others and eliminate according to the points suggested below.

Style Matching Your Lifestyle

Regarding style, there is so much to consider. Are you renovating for a long stay or selling in the near future. How many people will be using the facility? You can add as many questions as possible. Answering all of them will help you narrow down to the most suitable material.


Research has shown most disappointment is caused by unexpected maintenance challenges. Some homeowners assume that they know enough about a certain material and never spend enough time researching about its suitability for a vanity top. Know that no material is equal to the other one and that it is okay to ask for expert help if not sure.

Compatibility with the Rest of Bathroom Design

Your bathroom has a certain design scheme, and it may not be necessary to ruin it with a vanity top. Some materials are simply not suitable for your bathroom. For example, a gray vanity top will not do any justice to a pastel-colored space.


All other factors may fit in easily, but the price will always have the final say. Luckily, you can get the same material at different costs, from different vanity companies. The trick here is to shop around. Generally, concrete vanity top installations are the priciest, while the most affordable are granite tiles.

With plenty of vanity tops to choose from, narrowing down to one is probably your biggest obstacle. The appearance of your bathroom may be your main consideration, but you also need to look at maintenance, price, and other factors.