Thinking About Getting Dental Implants Abroad?

dental implants on a tableAnyone who has lost some teeth will have considered having them replaced with dental implants. This is the only way of replacing teeth that gives people back the full function of their teeth. However, having replacements done with dental implants, which replace the roots of the teeth as well as the crowns, is not cheap. In the UK and Ireland, one dental implant costs more than £1,000 and often more like £1,500. Many people who would like to have them just can’t afford to do so and that’s when they start thinking about having dental implants abroad.

Saving money is important, but equally so is finding the right dentist to carry out the procedure of fitting dental implants abroad. From start to finish, the process of getting dental implants fitted can take a few months, and there are several stages to it. So, it’s a good idea to find a dentist, such as Access Smile, that can carry out the preparatory and aftercare stages in a clinic at home, such as Access Smile’s Budapest dentist Dublin.

Assessment and preparation

In a simple implant procedure, the patient needs to have a full assessment to make sure that their jawbone is strong enough to receive implants. This means x-rays and often CT scans to check the bone. Jawbones that aren’t strong enough can be given bone grafts.

If all is well, the patient can go on their way to their dental tourism destination. Budapest in Hungary is the dental tourism capital of Europe, due to excellence in training and lower business rates making prices cheaper.

A good dentist will give a detailed quote that includes every aspect of treatment before the patient books their appointment. There should be no nasty extras to bump up the bill once the patient is waiting in the chair for treatment.

Good aftercare

Getting dental implants abroad requires regular check-ups afterwards to make sure the implants are healing well. Having a clinic in the UK is a must for this. After healing is complete, the patient also needs to go back to get their crowns fitted onto the implants.