The Smart Shift: Top Four Reasons to Eat Organic Food

different fruits and vegetablesMore people are becoming conscious about their health and lifestyle. Many go to the gym, follow specific diets, and engage in sports and physical activities.

One of the more popular trends is organic food consumption. So what’s with this trend? Is it just a fad that may not be relevant tomorrow, or is it a shift that the rest of the world has to consider?

As it turns out there are many benefits you can get when you go organic. Here are the top four reasons you should eat organic food.

You save yourself from chemicals

Commercially grown food of with chemicals that may harm your health. Ninety percent of chemicals used in food products have not undergone analysis for their long-term effects before being considered safe. It means you are not even sure whether the food you eat is nourishing or killing you gradually. A lot of produce, for instance, is heavily drenched in pesticides.

You get better-tasting food

Contrary to common misconceptions, organic food tastes better. This is particularly true for fruits and vegetables harvested from healthy, adequately nourished plants. Organic produce is raised the natural way with organic fertilizers, which provide complete nutrition to plant. The result is plump, juicy, and great-tasting fruits that are good for your body.

You help save the planet

Eating organic food ingredients is good not just for you, but also for the ecosystem. Organic farming promotes sustainable means in using soil. Crop rotation, a common practice among organic farmers, helps preserve the soil’s richness. Healthy soil retains photosynthesized carbon dioxide rather than dispersing it to the atmosphere. It helps prevent climate change.

You support humane animal treatment

Organic meats are free from antibiotics and hormones. More importantly, though, eating organic meats also supports the fight for fair animal treatment. Organic farmers respect the natural behavior of their livestock. They provide animals with natural food, clean water, and dry shelter. They also let the animals enjoy the sunlight and the outdoors, as in the case of free-range animals.

These are only some of the benefits of promoting organic food. The shift to an organic diet may be difficult and sometimes costly, but your body — and the planet — will thank you for that smart move.