The Many Ways Aluminum Is Used Around the House (Without You Realizing)

plates and aluminum cooking potsThe moment you invest in a home, learning more about what the builders used for its construction and design seems like an unnecessary task. How else can you make smart decisions about your home’s care and maintenance? Focusing on one very common highly flexible material, let’s go through the features and applications of aluminum around the house. You’ll recognize it when you see it and understand why this material is widely preferred:

Windows and Doors

According to, aluminum boasts of a high thermal performance. It can keep heat in and out during scorching summers and chilling winters by as much as 70% more than timber or vinyl. With sturdy, weather-resistant frames, you won’t have to spend as much on maintenance and enjoy savings on your power bill thanks to its energy efficiency.

Kitchen Appliances and Utensils

This material is strong but lightweight. And because it’s heat-resistant, it is an ideal material for kettles, utensils and other home tools. There have been debates on whether or not aluminum in cookware causes health issues, in particular, when used in combination with acidic food. But, studies have also found it is poorly absorbed by the body, so we excrete it through urine. In fact, we more likely contain and ingest it naturally through vegetables rather than through cookware. Foils alone are very handy to have around. Check out this Reader’s Digest post on 40 uses of the aluminum foil that might surprise you.

Fixtures and furniture

You can easily shape aluminum, and it has a nice polished finish. This malleability gives this metal added versatility. Because it doesn’t rust, it is a popular choice for outdoor, garden and kitchen furniture. To keep the luster of your aluminum furniture outdoors, apply a coat of liquid wax at the beginning of summer.


For all of the reasons already mentioned, aluminum makes strong, rust-free, secure, low-maintenance and beautiful fences which manufacturers can easily design to match a variety of facade s. Investment in an aluminum fence is one of the smartest moves you can make as a homeowner.

Very few materials can rival the touted advantages of aluminum. Apart from being lightweight, heat-resistant and durable, it is also the one of the world’s most widely available metal. It is highly recyclable without losing its original properties.