The Main Focuses of an ROI Digital Marketing Agency

This guide is about social media marketing and how to figure out if it’s working for you. Imagine you’re putting up posters to sell your products and services. You need to learn how to track those posters. For instance, how many people saw them and the number of people who bought lemonade after seeing them. It’s best to start with a free tool called Google Analytics.

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This popular tool helps you see where people who visit your website come from. So, if someone clicks on a social media post about your lemonade, Google Analytics might tell you that. Then, you can see if people who came from social media bought more lemonade. That way, you can still see if social media is helping you sell. Here’s a golden nugget of wisdom: make sure your social media content matches what’s on your website. You don’t want folks bouncing off your page like a rubber ball. It could happen because they didn’t find what they were expecting.

With Google Analytics in your toolkit, you’ll be crunching numbers and raking in those social media wins like a boss. Keep hustling. This video is a must-watch if you want to find out if your social media marketing is worth your time and money. By tracking things like website visits and sales or working with an ROI digital marketing agency, you can see if posts bring in new customers.