The Importance of Dentist CPD

dentistsBecoming a dentist involves at least 5 years’ study at university level followed by one or 2 years of supervised practice. However, if someone wants to be registered as a dentist under the General Dental Council (GDC), they should be prepared to undertake further training and complete a dentist CPD programme every 5 years.

Dentists can choose from a wide selection of dentist CPD in Watford, such as that provided by Wisbora Conferences. These seminars are developed with the help of fellow dentists and provide verified UK CPD hours as per the GDC guidelines.

Dentists are required to complete 100 hours every 5 years, with at least 20 completed in 2 consecutive CPD years.

So why is attending dentist CDP in Watford important?

CPD courses, seminars and classes are designed to ensure that dentists are still competent in their profession and that the general public is safe in their hands. More specifically, dentist CPD in Watford enables dentists to:

  • stay in line with the latest research and the current standards of the profession; NHS rules and regulations change from time to time
  • maintain the quality of skills and knowledge required in order to offer the best treatment possible
  • make a meaningful contribution to the dental team
  • learn all about the latest technological advances in dentistry.

Overall, the importance of CPD in dentistry should not be underestimated, since its lack can compromise the safety of patients. Dentists who undergo dentist CPD in Watford are more likely to deliver high-quality service, protect their patients and meet the expectations of their team.

Planning dentist CPD in Watford

While the GDC does not specify the exact type of dental training dentists should undertake, dentists should choose the content of their training wisely. Those who take a planned approach to CPD tend to get more out of it. Planning dentist CPD in advance and choosing which courses to attend means that a dentist can get a clear image of their career future and the goals they wish to achieve in the next few years. CPD will provide them with the knowledge and skills to perform effectively and competitively in their role.