The Common Cavity: Myths That Can Make Your Experience Worse

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In the regular course of using our mouth for eating, drinking, and talking, there’s always a chance that we’ll experience problems with our teeth. Cavities are one of, if not the most common tooth issue that anyone can have. Back then, people had to resort to drastic measures to treat it, but now, innovations in dental medicine have made it easier. However, some still avoid going to the dentist for dental care or treatment. It’s not even because they don’t have the money or access to dental care but because of the following myths.

“I Can’t Have a Cavity in a Filled Tooth”

You may already have had tooth repair done in a South Jordan clinic, and that might give you the impression that you can’t get another cavity on the same spot. Fillings can break down over time, even more so if you continue with your bad habits such as failing to brush or ingesting a lot of sugars without washing it down. Continue to take care of your teeth.

“I Can’t Have Cavities Because I Don’t Eat Sweets”

It’s a commonly held belief that cavities are only caused by sugary foodstuff. After all, sugar is what the bacteria use to create the acid that damages the enamel. However, sweets aren’t the only kinds of food that you should watch out for. Sticky and starchy ones, as well as those that have acid in them to begin with, such as soda, can also contribute to damage.

“I Can’t Have Cavities Because I Brush Regularly”

We all know that regular brushing of teeth helps prevent cavities. However, that’s not the only measure that you should take. As mentioned earlier, you should also reduce or avoid food that’s high in sugar and acids. Flossing in between your teeth is also a good idea, since it gets rid of the particles that your toothbrush might not be able to reach. It helps to make regular appointments to the dentist, too.

“I Can Get Rid of Cavities by Brushing”

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You might not believe it, but quite a number of people actually think that they can get rid of their cavities by brushing them away. While the act of regular tooth brushing can help prevent them and even makes bleeding gums somewhat better, it can’t do anything now that you have one. It’s a hole that needs deep cleaning as well as filling, and these are activities that only your dentist can do.

 “I Can’t Have Cavities Since It Doesn’t Hurt”

Many people associate cavities with pain, so if they don’t feel any, they overlook it. Unfortunately, when a cavity is painful, it means that it has reached your nerves and that it’s already deep. Many of them start out as shallow holes in your teeth and often they won’t hurt yet. So just because there’s no pain doesn’t mean that you can’t have cavities at all. Get your teeth checked to be sure.

Cavities are a common enough problem that they can occur even when you’re taking good care of your teeth. So, swallow your pride and go to the dentist for regular checkups. It’s better for you to make the effort and assure yourself of healthy teeth than stick with your assumptions.