Do You Really Need a Bunch of Skincare Products to Take Care of Your Skin?

woman with clear skin

Considering you have normal skin, do you really need a heavy skincare routine? The most basic skin products you need daily are a facial cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Exfoliating your skin is supposed to be done once a week. Unless you have a skin problem, you don’t really need a heavy, not to mention, expensive skincare routine.

These days, skincare has become more of a luxury than a necessity. With different brands competing and constantly evolving, consumers feel the need to use products just because they’re popular, without considering what they do for their skin.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with trying new things. But then again, you have to listen to what your body needs and prioritize it. There’s also nothing wrong if you want to add something to your skincare routine, as long as it keeps your skin healthy and you can afford it. No one likes additional costs and chronic issues.

Be Careful Not to Overdo It

Like everything else in life, something excessive is always something bad. If not instantly, it will lead to something you’ll regret. When it comes to skincare, it’s also easy to overdo it by applying too many products on your face, over-cleansing, or over-exfoliating. Not only does overdoing it waste products, but it can damage your skin as well.

You want to keep in mind that certain products don’t work well combined. Consider this with your skin type. It can develop certain complications like unwanted spots, early aging, or discoloration around the eyes. If you don’t want to take this risk, then stick to a smaller skincare routine.

The Weather Can Affect Your Skin

This is one of the reasons why people spend so much money on their skincare routine alone. Your skin expects consistency, and since the weather is not, you need to adjust your skincare routine and the products we use according to the season changes. Like if the weather is changing from summer to fall, the temperature and humidity decrease. So you want to take care of your skin according to what it needs as the weather gets cold.

If your skin needs more moisture on cold days, it doesn’t mean you apply more layers of moisturizer. It can just mean you need a product that has more moisturizing content. Skincare products react to different weathers as well, so be careful of that. In summer, you can’t use the same product you do during the winter because it might cause too much moisture and damage your skin. Yes, there is such a thing as over-moisturizing.

woman holding a face mask

Dehydrated Skin Doesn’t Always Mean Dry Skin

When your skin is dehydrated, it’s an issue, not a skin type. Whether you’re dry or oily skin type, your skin can be dehydrated, either too dry or too oily.

If you have oily skin, don’t make your products all for oily skin because that might be why your skin is dehydrated. Instead, use a hydrating facial wash because oil-control ones just remove every moisture you have on your skin. Then apply a gentle moisturizer, preferably a hydrating one as well. But be careful since there is also such thing as hydrating your skin too much.

If you have dry skin, you don’t need every product you used to be moisturizing because that will over-moisturize your skin. Instead, pick nourishing and hydrating ones to keep your skin from drying and over-moisturizing.

Aren’t You Forgetting Something?

Some parts of our skin can be easy to forget since they’re not showing any issues. Your nails need care too. The area underneath your nails captures more dirt and bacteria than you realize. You might not notice that even washing your hands doesn’t get rid of everything under there. It’s not that you need to go to the nail salon often; you just have to clean your own nails regularly.

Your ears can also be something you easily forget since you don’t see any dirt in there. The outside of your ear can also build up oil and dirt, so not cleaning it when needed can cause a skin problem. Clean your ears once or twice a week to avoid earwax buildup.

The ears don’t require daily cleaning because the earwax protects its deeper parts. You’re cleaning it regularly to remove the excess wax that builds up. If not cleaned, the earwax buildup can grow over time and block your eardrum, making it hard for you to hear. As a result, you might need microsuction earwax removal.

The Bottom Line

You don’t need an expensive skincare routine to keep your skin glowing and healthy. Just remember what to prioritize and only get what you can afford. A heavy skincare routine can ruin your skin instead of nourishing it. Just ask yourself this: does your skincare routine satisfy your skin’s needs or your pleasure only?