Surprising Things that May Minimize Risk of Tooth Decay

Patient with Tooth Decay in LafayetteAll your life, you’ve been told by your parents, grandparents, and just about everyone that candy is bad for your teeth. But did you know there’s candy that can actually help you avoid tooth decay?

This, and other surprising little things about fighting tooth decay, are discussed in this post. Remember, though, that you can’t take these as the final word on dental care. Always follow what your Lafayette dentist advises.

Eating Candy

No, it’s not the regular candy your mom warned you about. You can still give in to your sweet tooth without putting your teeth at risk. Some hard candies and lollipops available nowadays are sugar-free. Some even use xylitol as a sweetener. Of course, you still have to keep your routine of brushing and flossing, but at least you’re not putting more sugary destruction in your mouth.

Chewing Gum

Like some candy, some gums come in sugar-free varieties. Chewing gum helps remove some of the plaque-causing bacteria, as it causes the production of saliva — a natural bacteria fighter, explains Colorado Healthy Smiles. Stick to sugar-free gum if you can’t brush immediately. The best gums are sweetened with xylitol, which helps prevent cavities. Tooth decay-causing bacteria cannot metabolize xylitol to produce acid or feast on it for growth.

Drinking Through a Straw

If you must have soda, drink it through a straw. Don’t let the straw touch your teeth, though. And your dentist may still advise you to avoid soda altogether because even if you use a straw, you are only minimizing the risk of acid getting to your teeth, and the calories are plenty in every sip.

These are some ways to minimize the risk of plaque and tooth decay. But these are not an excuse not to go about your dental hygiene routine.