Spicing Up Your Wedding with Technological Innovations

Weddings are that once-in-a-lifetime experience that everyone wants to experience. Since it’s something that usually happens once in a person’s life, it’s only appropriate to ensure that it’s memorable.

For the most part, a lot of people want to have a wedding that’s traditional, wholesome, and sometimes just simple. But there are also times that people want to spice up their wedding while making it unforgettable. As the years pass, there’s bound to be new technological innovations that are invented. Naturally, these inventions are geared towards better convenience while giving us new perspectives on a wedding.

But what are some innovative techy means of spicing up a traditional wedding? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

Drones for Photography

Well, drones aren’t necessarily a new invention, but they are still one of the best innovations incorporated in various industries. This is especially true when it comes to weddings.

Wedding photographers have been clamouring in getting their hands on drones since this can take absolutely gorgeous shots that can be used for wedding shoots. Back then, people would need to get on helicopters to get a good aerial shot, and this kind of option was not necessarily available to wedding photographers. Still, drones have been so helpful for a lot of different industries that they have been widely used for a variety of different tasks.

Everyone knows that a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so you’ll need to have good photos. Of course, when it comes to having a good wedding celebration, you’ll need to have a dreamy and unforgettable venue that will make your guests go, “Oh, I remember when they got their wedding there!” Most wedding photographers have been using drones as a way of getting impossibly cool shots of venues while remaining true to the wedding’s theme. Fortunately, there are many dreamy wedding venues that couples can choose from, which is known for that rustic and wholesome country barn look that everyone knows and loves.

bride and groom holding hands

Driverless Cars

Traditionally, the bride and much of the entourage will pull up to the church and the venue with a car. If the couple is famous enough, there’s bound to be some paparazzi on the side, taking photos of them and their luxurious sparkling dresses. But you know what would be an even fancier way of pulling up to a wedding? If your car was driving to the wedding without a driver in sight.

In the last few years, driverless cars have been developed by key scientific industries and institutes working in tandem with airspace administrations. One of the most prominent driverless cars was developed by Tesla and is controlled by an Advanced Intelligence (A.I.) and has been known obeying traffic laws while having safety parameters.

Selfie Sticks

Can’t really afford an expensive drone? Well, there’s one device that you can use that’s relatively inexpensive while also being easy to use. At first, selfie sticks were used by tourists when they would go to different countries. After a few years, it became an international phenomenon, especially when it’s a great way to take a group photo.

Selfies have been a social phenomenon for the last decade and a half, and it’s not going to be going out of fashion anytime soon. But we can only extend our arms out only for a short distance. Selfie sticks are a solution to such a problem and can help ensure that everyone in the group is shown in the photo by extending the phone’s camera into a sufficient distance.

One thing that you can do at your wedding is handing out at least one selfie stick for each table. Not only will this help in documenting your wedding, but this can be a fun activity for guests at each table.

Livestreaming the Wedding

Lastly, livestreaming a wedding has been steadily rising in “popularity” in the last few months, especially when most governments and countries have been putting some strict precautions on physical contact and mass gatherings. What’s a good way of having a wedding when people are stuck and home and not allowed to go out? Well, most people will usually live to stream their wedding celebrations.

Video-conferencing platforms such as Zoom are great ways of being able to connect with others. However, some couples would rather wait for the pandemic to die down before having an actual face-to-face wedding.

There are several interesting technological innovations in the wedding industry, and there will be even more in the next coming years. Whether it’s crazy lighting on wedding cakes, holographic concerts, or 3D printed decorations on wedding cakes, there’s no limit on what the future can hold. Ultimately, designing and planning a wedding will take a good amount of creativity, and there’s really no one way of having a wedding. You don’t necessarily need to have a ‘techy’ and ‘next-gen’ wedding when most will usually do with a simple one.