Should You Install an At-Home Water Treatment System?

At-Home Water Treatment SystemPurchasing and installing an at-home water treatment system, such as a water conditioner, sounds like an expensive acquisition. Will it even do much to improve your overall quality of life? It can, in fact, help prevent damage to your home and belongings, saving you a few thousand bucks in the process.

So, do you really need a water conditioner to do their magic on your water supply? Find out here.

Are You in a Tough Spot?

Hard water is the term for water with a relatively high level of mineral content, plumbing experts from Whipple Service Champions explain. These minerals are calcium, magnesium, and lime, which mix into the water at the source. If your home is in an area known for having hard water, or if your water supplier is familiar with this issue, you are likely getting hard water.

Hunt for Clues

The molecular minerals in hard water leave traces visible to the naked eye: As water is heated and evaporates, clumps of minerals will form. So, check the pans you use to boil water. If there is significant residue left in your pan, you have hard water.

These minerals can also seriously damage polished surfaces. If your spoons and forks have plenty of scratches, it could be due to the minerals present in your water supply. Minerals in the water can also leave scratches on glassware and ceramics. Deposits in the sink, around the faucet and other areas are also telltale signs of this problem.

The Solution

Hard water isn’t known to harm human health, fortunately, so long-term exposure to it won’t affect your well-being. What it is not as kind to is appliances: dish washers, coffee makers, and other home equipment will have a shorter lifespan when constantly exposed to hard water. Furthermore, minor mineral deposit buildup in your pipes will eventually block the water’s path, causing you to spend more on plumbing repairs or even an entire replacement project.

In addition, the impurities of hard water can diminish soap’s cleaning power. You could be using more shampoo than necessary as well.

If you are in a hard water area or have noticed the signs of hard water in your home, consider installing a water conditioner. This will protect expensive equipment, appliances, and surfaces in your home from damage. The drainage and water pipes will also be better off, a fact which will ultimately save you a few thousand dollars.