Setting Sail: Things to Remember on Your First Cruise

First Cruise

First CruiseOne of the modern ways to spend money and time is to go on a cruise. Cruise ships offer you quite a lot of opportunities to have fun by yourself, with your partner or with your closest friends. Now if you have never been on a cruise before, check these simple rules.

Breakfast Arrangements

While most (if not all) cruise ships are right to say they have free breakfasts for their guests, they may offer other meals in their more private restaurants. No matter how appealing the Italian special or the exotic sushi and sashimi set is, remember that if they’re not part of the fees you’ve already paid for, you may have to pay for them separately.

Don’t worry about the taste of their regular buffet. Most of the chefs that prepare the special dishes also have a hand in the daily meals.

Keep it Tight

Cruise ships run a tight schedule that can’t afford to be compromised by waiting for guests to return. Keep in mind that they usually run dozens of cruises per month and they have the crew—who barely have enough hours to rest during their off hours—on rotation. Xquizit Limousines & Tours suggests you book port tours in advance, so when you reach Tauranga, your shore excursion can begin as scheduled.

Next to Auckland, Tauranga is the most visited port in New Zealand. With high visitor satisfaction levels, you can expect a good experience from the moment your ship arrives until it leaves. Make the most of your time by exploring.

Dress Right

A cruise ship will have rules and regulations like any other land establishment. To enjoy and feel that you are spending your time and money right, be aware of the appropriate dress code for the places you visit and events you attend on deck.

Going on a cruise is an excellent choice when you want to just sit back, relax and feel pampered. By keeping these helpful rules in mind, you’ll have more chances of enjoying your time on deck.