Selling Your Old Home Doesn’t Need to Be Difficult

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Leaving behind your old home for a new one can be a long and sometimes emotional process. Aside from the preparations of packing and moving out, you want to make sure you’re leaving it in capable hands while making some profit. The sentimental value is also a good reason to find a buyer who intends to take care of it.

As you finalise your moving day tasks, you can start selling your old home by following these five steps.

Figure Out the Value

The memories inside your house might be priceless, but the property itself comes with a price. To sell your house faster, avoid slapping on an unrealistic price tag.

A high price might steer away potential buyers, making the sale challenging. You are already aware of the type of house you have, which means you can compare it to the price tags of similar houses within your area.

The location, capacity, and area covered by your property are factors in the house’s value. Emotional ties will make you want to overprice your house, but you will get more customers with a reasonable and realistic evaluation.

Learn Your Market

All kinds of homes fit certain types of personalities. Your duplex may be more suitable for a small family. If you have a big backyard, you may attract bigger families who are expecting guests all the time. You need to figure out the most attractive selling points of your house to effectively advertise it. You should also consider getting a photographer to help you capture the best angles of your home.

Prepare Your House for Presentation

Selling a house requires a presentation, which is how real estate agents often land clients. If you want to sell your house fast, you need to make it presentable by cleaning it. A clean house will attract more buyers. Minor repairs or adjustments could be helpful. If you can make modifications that are within your budget, you can also sell your home at a higher price.

Get Ready for Home Inspection

magnifying glass over a house

Your real estate agent will require you to have a home inspector evaluate the house. The home inspection plays a vital role in the selling process of your old home. If your house fails to pass the tests, the selling process could take a while.

Fortunately, you can get a copy of the inspection list ahead of time, which helps prepare you for any surprises. You must prioritise cleaning and redecorating the basement, garage, and attic before the home inspector arrives. You must also have broken pipes and damaged electrical wirings repaired. If you manage to pass the inspection, the house sale will have quicker progress.

Seek Professional Help

Selling properties is not your expertise, which is why you should consider seeking professional advice. A reliable real estate agent will help you find interested buyers through listings and showings. Find a conveyancing lawyer to make sure the process goes smoothly. Hire professionals for repair and cleaning services.

Leaving your old home may seem daunting, but with the right planning, you can settle in your new home with ease and peace of mind.