Secrets to Having a Fun and Memorable Wedding Reception

Wedding in KentLet’s face it; the highlight of every wedding is the reception. It is the time for guests to perk up and get fuelled after being mushy and proper throughout the ceremony. Although your wedding reception does not have to be perfect and organised, it should be well-thought-out to guarantee a fun and memorable night for you and your guests. It is a party, after all.

Get Clever with Seating Arrangements

If you’re having a big wedding, you may want to arrange seats in such a manner that your guests will get to know each other. Seat your guests according to age groups, personality types, or anything that will get them to mingle and have meaningful conversations. This will make a big difference once the DJ starts spinning tunes. Also, have a special seat for kids so they (and their parents) can their own fun as well.

Keep Your Guests Fuelled

Your reception menu should be as celebratory as the wedding itself. Great food makes everyone happy and energised. So if you want your guests to stay until the end, get them fuelled all night long. Set up a customisable or interactive food station where they get exactly what they want to eat and have a great time. Be wildly creative or multicultural with your menu, but try to avoid stuffy food or servings so they don’t end up taking the party to the loo.

Decorate Accordingly

A great venue makes a great wedding party. From enchanting backdrops and lighting tricks to unique centrepieces and table settings, a personalised wedding venue will surely get you and your guests excited. Make sure your décor is appropriate to your wedding theme and aligns with your vision. For instance, rustic-chic decorations go perfectly well in a country or barn setting, especially in picturesque locations like Kent.

Surprise Your Guests

Make your wedding reception an opportunity for friends and family to have a grand time. Plan a few treats throughout the party to keep them interested. You don’t have to go overboard with this one. You and your new spouse can perform a song or a dance number, or have fun games, or wow your guests with something unexpected, such as a fire dancer, an impersonator, an interactive cocktail hour or a glorious outdoor fireworks show or after party.

You also don’t need to break the bank to have a glamorous and extraordinary party. It is only a matter of balancing your vision with what your guests would actually enjoy.