Promoting Workplace Safety with High-Quality Chemical Labels

Chemical Labels in AvondaleChemicals are extremely dangerous substances for people to come in contact with. In some companies that involve the use, mixing or even manufacture of chemicals, it is important to promote the safety of employees through proper protocols, policies and appropriate labelling of chemicals.

Workplace safety is an important aspect of any company, especially in those where employees are exposed to dangerous chemicals. Unimax recommends you make sure labels on chemical bottles and containers are clear, easily understood and made from high-quality materials.

What Should be Placed on Chemical Labels?

Hazardous chemicals are substances or compounds used in the workplace that could become a physicochemical or health hazard if not properly handled or stored. These chemicals can cause a range of health effects such as skin irritation, cancer and respiratory problems. These chemicals are considered physicochemical hazards if their physical or chemical properties, such as flammability, oxidising agents, explosive potential and corrosiveness, may cause health effects or physical injuries.

Include certain information on the label itself to warn the users of the chemical’s side effects and inform them of the proper way of handling or storage:

  • Critical Information – Include information on emissions, schematics or other essential information needed for the handling and usage of the chemical.
  • Tracking – Show the bar codes, lot numbers, expiration dates and serial numbers. This is important so the user may be informed of when the chemical will expire. Expired chemicals may cause severe irritation and other health-related complications.
  • Warning – Inform the user or handler of the chemical of the potential harm that can result from using it. For instance, when there is a skull with bones on the label, it means the chemical is toxic. When there is a yellow background with a black circle surrounded by black pie-shaped icons, it means the chemical has radiation or is radioactive.

It is important for companies to make sure their employees are safe from hazards, health dangers and other consequences related to work. Acquiring chemicals with high-quality labels or having your own chemicals labelled properly ensures workplace safety.