PPC vs. SEO, Social Media, Affiliate: How Effective is it Compared to Other Marketing Strategies

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Pay-per-content advertising has been around for a while now but, to this day, many business owners continue to rely on it to boost their sales and increase the internet traffic of their websites.

However, how effective is it really? Are you wasting your marketing budget on PPC services? Find out below.

The First Link

When your consumers go to Google to search for products and services, they are more likely to click on the business on the first page of the search results. That is where your business needs to be.

The likelihood of clicks descends significantly after the first one. Page 1 of Google’s search result receives 91.5% of internet traffic. Page 2, on the other hand, receives only 4.8%. Only 1.1% of traffic reaches Page 3.

It is, therefore, crucial that your business achieves the first page. There are two ways to do that: SEO and PPC. SEO (search engine optimization) involves the use of strategies like keyword placement and back-linking. PPC gets you to the first page by paying Google or Bing.

Both are effective if done right, but what gives PPC its edge is speed. It takes time to implement a good SEO campaign. With PPC, it almost instantaneous. As long as you already have an ad ready to go, you can contact the search engine of your choice or website to put your material up on a space that is immediately visible to its users.

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Fast Results

Social media marketing has become, not just popular, but necessary for a business’ success. It is considerably cheaper compared to PPC and other advertising strategies. When it is successful, it can propel the business to new heights.

However, social media has a few disadvantages. With so many other brands competing for the attention of consumers online, it can be quite difficult to stand out.

There is also a learning curve to using social media for marketing. There is a difference in using social media platforms to connect with your friends versus a marketing tool. You will need to hire an individual who knows how to use the ever-changing trends online to your advantage.

It also takes so much time. You need to post regularly and be aware of software updates that might affect the quality of your marketing materials.

Moreover, if you had a misstep, it can spread across social media like wildfire. It can ruin your reputation online.

No Loyalty Required

Paying partners (individuals or a group) to market your product or service can be effective, too. However, is it more effective than PPC?

Affiliate marketing has its own pitfalls. When you enter into it, by paying a social media influencer, for example, to feature your business in an Instagram post, you may see a spike in sales. However, you will find that your partnership only lasts as long as you are paying them. Once you stop sponsoring their posts, the promotions stop, and they will move on to the next business that pays them.

You do not have to stick to just one marketing move. You can combine the aforementioned strategies for an effective campaign. Despite its advantages, PPC is not one-size-fits-all. Some businesses may not find favorable results from it. It can also a waste of a lot of money if not done correctly. If you decide to go with PPC, it is better to hire professionals to create a compelling ad and monitor its performance on your behalf.