Pointers for Improving Guest Experience in Your Resort

woman in resort

A resort typically includes several facilities, including a restaurant, bar, accommodation, reception, entertainment, security, parking, swimming pool, and spa. Therefore, as a hotel owner, you must ensure that all of these sections are well-maintained for your visitors to have a better experience. Satiated guests have a high chance of returning or recommending your hotel to other people. This guide discusses tips for improving the guest experience in your hotel.

1. Have an Easy Booking Process

You need to have a reliable website to allow visitors to book or make reservations quickly. Your booking process should be straightforward because most people click out of websites that are hard to navigate. It is also crucial to include quality images and videos to help clients have a clear picture of the rooms, parking, pools, dining halls, and other facilities they can enjoy in your resort.

You should incorporate a booking engine with your hotel’s site to process direct online reservations. It would also help if you had a website chatbot to reply to the typical clients’ questions and direct them where they can find more information. Hence, a quality guest experience starts with the booking process.

2. Communicate With Guests

Post-booking communication is critical as it helps a customer know that their reservation is secure. During the call, your employees should ask questions to gather essential information to offer personalized services, depending on your clients’ needs.

They should ask if the guest would like pet reservations, extra rooms, pillows, or dinner reservations, and so on. Moreover, calling your clients should help them understand any information they might not have grasped from the website. After the call, the receptionist should send the client an email or a message with all the details and a welcoming statement.

3. Protect Guests’ Health

ordering food

The guests in your hotel should stay cool and healthy. For instance, you should treat drinking water, hire qualified chefs to prepare food, and disinfect various surfaces to prevent infections. Additionally, chefs or attendants should inform guests of the contents of a chosen food type to avoid cases of allergic reactions or other health complications in your hotel.

Your housekeeping skills and maintenance should be top-notch. The bedding and towels should be changed daily. You also need to maintain your swimming pool to keep your visitors healthy. It is always advisable to control the pool water’s pH to keep the water safe for your guests. You can use a muriatic acid substitute pool solution since acid can be too strong and might pose health risks. It would be best to lay down rules that must be observed in the pool area to avoid accidents.

4. Have a Smooth Check-in

On the day of arrival, your guest should have a smooth check-in. If possible, you should have a valet to park their car while they check in to save them the stress of looking for a parking space. The front desk employees should greet guests by their first or last name to create a rapport and make them feel appreciated.

The check-in process should be quick to reduce waiting time. You could also consider having a self-service portal where visitors can check-in and out using their phones. It is essential to allow early check-ins since some people always want to settle in early in hotels.

Improving the experience of the guests in your hotel can help you grow your business. One bad guest experience can cost you a loyal client. Therefore, you and your management team should always ensure that all visitors are happy and satisfied. These ideas can help you attract and retain more clients over time.