Planning Events for Success: Three Tips

Event Planning at Victoria Park

A successful event is never a fluke; it’s always the result of hard work and teamwork. If you find yourself being appointed the event planner, keep in mind that all you really need to have are three basic things — creativity, management skills, and a cool head

Of course, aside from these three things, there are other factors you ought to consider when planning an event. Take a look at the following to ensure that whatever kind of party, seminar, or event you’re planning will surely turn into success.

Set clear objectives

…and make sure everyone in the team knows what they are. Before you actually go into details in planning for an event, take the time to write down what the event is actually for. Is it for fundraising? A simple get-together?

Also, aside from understanding the objectives of your event, understand also what stakeholders expect to get from the event. Knowing the purpose of the event and understanding what your stakeholders expect will make it easier and much clearer on which direction you need to go regarding the other aspects of the event.

Get the right people

Knowing which people you need for your team should be on top of your list. Having two people on your team would be enough if they are the kind of people who know how to listen and communicate well.


While you don’t need to list every little thing that you would need for the event, do make a rough estimate of how much you would need to spend on the venue, food, entertainment, and the like. An expert from Victoria Park notes that in most cases, the venue is where most of the budget should probably be allocated, particularly if the event’s something big. For big events like seminars or conferences, corporate venues would be your best bet; for smaller events like team-building, hotels and smaller venues would suffice.