Passing that Urine Drug Test with Ease


Testing for drug use is a common requirement for many employers. In other cases, overtly protective parents just want to check on their children. Regardless of the objective of going through the test, there are certain steps you can take to desired results. You can easily pass a urine drug test by following the guidelines below:

Substituting the sample

This is an effective method to pass a urine drug test. This means using another person’s urine or even a synthetically prepared sample. The synthetic variety is often found in certain smoke shops in the form of powdered concentrates. This can be diluted and added to warm water in the right quantity.


Not spiking or masking the sample

Spiking or masking the urine sample is a commonly used method to direct testing procedures and equipment away from getting unwanted results. You can buy OTC chemicals and commercially available nitrates to mask the results. All these products, however, are easily detectable; thus, resulting in test failure.

Diluting the sample

This is another common practice to avoid detection. You can use external fluids to achieve the desired dilution levels. In this method, the sample is diluted to reduce the concentration of the chemical metabolites. Dilution will decrease the specific gravity and levels of creatinine. Some laboratories, however, have equipment that to test the concentration of the given sample. Any dilution can be detected easily.

Usage of warm water is the best way to achieve dilution as the temperature variation can be easily detectable. Most drug testing facilities will ask you to provide the sample in a room where there are no sinks present. The toilet water will also be tinted. Some people believe that drinking high amounts of water will help in diluting the drug metabolites, but this can be dangerous. Water intoxication can be fatal. Colorless urine will also arouse suspicion, and the sample may be flagged.