Parks and Recreation Areas: Why Do They Matter in the City?

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Whether you love to run, hang out with friends, or just want some peace and quiet time after a long day at work; the park will have always have something to offer to everyone.

And if you were lucky enough to grow up in an area where there is a park, chances are, the best of your childhood memories happened there.

The importance of parks is beyond adding greenery to beautify the picture of the community. Everyone living around parks or recreational spaces will benefit from it in many ways.

A park is the center of the community

When we think of a park, we think of family bonding and picnic. But, it goes beyond that. A recreational space can serve as a playground for children. It encourages social skills in these youngsters. It is a place for teenagers to study or even see a concert in. For parents, they can hold or join a bazaar. Probably, a farmer’s market? There is always something for people of all ages.

Parks facilitate social connection and community attachment. It is a place where residents of the community meet, interact, and build friendships. Isn’t this what makes up a healthy community? It is the perfect venue for people to engage in activities that allow them to build a sense of belonging to a group or what they call “a sense of community.”

And, this is why commercial landscaping services should be considered a high-priority on community planning.

Healthy Well-being

It is given that parks play a huge role in the community’s physical health state. It gives you the space you need to run, do yoga, probably dance classes, and more types of exercises. But, did you know that parks also contribute to healthy well-being?

There is a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) that shows urban parks impact the psychological health of city residents. And, that the people that live in a greener area tend to have more positive signs of mental health than those who live in a less green setting. This takes residents of the community away from depression and other stress-related mental illnesses.

Direct exposure to nature is beneficial for reducing stress and creating positive feelings. So, next time you feel stressed and need a little mood boost, put on those shoes, and have a walk in the park.

Reduce Heat Effects

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Do you ever wonder why cities are usually warmer than the countryside? The reason for this: the Urban Heat Island effect. Due to the increasing number of the establishment being built and the number of people coming in the community, the neighborhood gets noticeably warm. For instance, ironically speaking, air conditioning systems contribute to the heat we are feeling outside as people need to cool up their rooms inside.

Other reasons why urban areas are warmer than areas outside of it are the pavements, more flat surfaces, and dark space. These factors absorb heat instead of offsetting it.

Fortunately, we can combat urban heat island by adding more recreational areas; transform a vacant lot into parks and plant more trees in it. The more green spaces and trees, the more heat we can reduce.

This also explains why when we walk under or just near a bank of trees, we feel that the air is cooler. And, it feels good to do so especially on hot summer days. Creating parks with more trees and plants can help ease residents’ discomfort from the so-called urban heat island effect.

Reduce Crime Rates

According to some studies, green spaces such as parks and recreational areas prevent violence and lower crime rates. In New York City, a neighborhood with higher investment in parks saw a decrease of 2 to 3 times fewer serious crimes every week. Improving open spaces improves public safety.

Even just providing trails can help lessen crimes. Trails are an invitation to increase community foot traffic. It is a small way but does create a big impact in keeping the community safe because it will push crime out of the nearby areas around that trail. What more so if an abandoned space is turned into a beautiful recreational area?

Parks and recreational areas create opportunities for happiness in the community. They not only provide, physical and mental health, they are also great for the environment. They play huge roles in making a healthy and safe place for everyone. That’s why it is vital to put it on high-priority in the development planning regardless if it is a small-scale or a large-scale community.