No Burglars Allowed: Ways to Prevent Break-ins

Metal Gate

Metal GateWith the invention of the deadbolt in the 1960s, there has been a sharp decline in residential burglaries. More and more homeowners began to realise how effective deadbolts are in deterring burglars. People began adding more security features into their homes, such as reinforced glass, automated gates and superior lock technology.

As these technologies developed, burglars also began looking for ways to overcome them. Police records on home burglaries gradually increased, and many homeowners knew they have to do something to address this problem.

A little common sense is all you need to keep unwanted intruders out of your home and prevent theft. While it would do you good to install quality products from security and gates Auckland providers, you also need to be proactive.

Here are a few things you can do to boost your home security:

Leave No Clues

If you have recently bought a new plasma TV or any other expensive home appliance, do not just throw away the box in the trash bin. Do not give burglars any idea that you have something valuable inside your house. Do not leave certain things in plain sight or lying around on your yard. It could be as simple as an unchained bicycle or a scooter, but this can still attract burglars.

If you have time, open your windows and walk in front of your house to see how much of the inside is visible from the outside. Do a little furniture rearrangement if you have a few pricey items that may attract a thief’s attention.

Do not Leave a Spare Key Outside

You may have heard from someone that hiding a spare key somewhere in your porch is a good idea in case you get locked out. This can actually be an open invitation for a burglar to break into your home without any effort. There could be a chance that someone might see you retrieve that key. You should never take the risk.

A better option is to leave a spare key to your most trusted neighbour for safekeeping. In case you locked yourself out, you can always just walk to your neighbour’s house or call them to retrieve your spare key.

Do not be a victim of break-ins. A little precaution is all you need to make your home safe from intruders.