New Study Shows Dating Apps Don’t Guarantee a Long-lasting Marriage

Dating can be as simple as swiping left. Studies have shown that in 2019 alone, around 50 percent of online users in the United States had known someone or had met a romantic partner through a mobile dating app. Over 75 percent, meanwhile, shared that they eventually went out on a date with someone they had met virtually.

Several of these online pairs do end up at the altar. Sadly, new statistics revealed that many might have to seek divorce mediation before reaching their tenth year of marriage.

Why Many Bet on Online Dating

Before we delve deeper into this study, let’s take a look at why many people prefer to find partners via dating apps:

1. More “Accurate” Pairing

One of the great come-ons for dating apps is their supposed compatibility algorithms. Considering the bulk of users link to their social media profiles and share other personal information, these dating apps can collect a lot of data, which they will then turn into a percentage score to guarantee a perfect match.

Compatibility matters because it can determine the likelihood of a successful long-term relationship. Researchers have found that men married to women whose values match their own tend to be happier than those with unsuitable partners. According to one study, people start feeling the wear and tear of marriage after about four years if they have incompatible values.

2. Wider Matches

Another argument for going digital when finding a relationship is that users get a broader range of choices than the traditional way of meeting people.

Most dating apps permit users to search by age, gender, zip code, even preferences in music or movies. This way, singles can quickly narrow down their options.

3. Better Control

Last but not least, online dating apps give users more control over who they want to connect with. For singles who feel shy about joining clubs or bars where there are many admirers, the ability to create a profile and search for matches in the comfort of their homes offers something that meeting people organically does not.

Dating apps also include features that promote better privacy. For example, users can see how many times they have been viewed, block people, and even use fake photos if they want.

4. Various Dating Options

No one has time to meet every person in the dating pool, and that is where online dating apps can give singles a boost. More and more people are using these mobile phone services because they allow them to connect with like-minded individuals without spending too much time on them.

Users also have more freedom on how they want to date. These days, apps filter other members according to casual dating, long-term partnerships, etc.

Why It Could End in Divorce

woman and lawyer

With all the tools dating apps provide, it should give future couples a more stable relationship. But a new study by the Marriage Foundation says otherwise.

According to it, about 12 percent of couples who met online were likely to divorce during their first three years of marriage. The more anniversaries they celebrate, the more probable they are going to call it quits. By the seventh year, about 17 percent would file for divorce.

The study also hinted that couples who found love online were more likely to divorce than those who met organically, such as starting as friends. Within three years, only 2 percent would leave their partners. On the other hand, no more than 10 percent would call each other exes in their seventh year.

Now, this isn’t to say that people should avoid finding a partner through online dating apps. However, the study provides a plausible explanation for the results: it takes time to get to know a partner.

The research said that couples who met online and married were more than likely to say I Do to a relative stranger. This is because it takes years or even decades to get to know someone more deeply. Moreover, a person has a higher success of getting the right match when they can also generate input from their community, especially their friends and family members.

Whether one likes it or not, technology is evolving and changing the way people live their lives. Even such an intimate activity as finding love has been disrupted by new services such as dating apps. Instead of going to bars to meet a potential partner, singles use their phones to find someone they can share interests with. And that could mean both the good and the bad.

Although these apps make dating more convenient and fun for many, they still don’t guarantee a lasting relationship. In the end, the foundations such as honesty, commitment, and desire to know someone more deeply are the secret sauces to a happy marriage.