Nail Basics: The Colours That Will Start Your Collection

Pink NailpolishA woman's nails are just as important as the dress. Nail polish is a simple accessory that may not look necessary, but when added to your style, it can improve your look. Working on your own nails, however, takes lots of practice. Some may never even get the confidence to do it themselves, so they will rely on salons. Getting your own set of nail polish can be the start to a more fashionable you. Here are some things to consider.

The Plain Basics

Picking a colour to start your collection can be challenging. Normally, you may end up choosing your favourite colour. While this may seem like a personal choice, your favourite may not jive well with most of your dresses. This is why you have to start with the plain basics., a wholesale nail polish supplier, says you can always experiment with your favourite hues later. Get the simple red, white, navy and nude colours for now. These are simple shades that are easy to match with any dress you may have for the season.

The Sparkle and Complex

With the basics covered, do not just jump to any other hue. You will need a set you can use on special events or when you have to socialise. For this reason, you need to get gold, vibrant pink and turquoise. Gold shines well when partnered with black dresses while vibrant pink works on a more casual level. Vibrant colours such as pink and turquoise may also make you stand out at the beach when you have fewer clothes on.

Start with these essential colours and be on your way to getting fashionable nails that will match any dress you get. When you have every colour at your disposal, getting the style you want for any kind of event will no longer be impossible.