Moving Interstate Checklist: Knowing What You Need to Prepare

couple getting ready to move

Moving across different states within Australia is a big job since homeowners will be required to be so much involved in the whole process and to plan it thoroughly. A checklist can be a big help to track the entire moving process. Every move is different, and this is why it is still important to customise your checklist depending on the mover’s situation.

Two months before the moving day

  • Hire a removalist. When planning to move interstate, like Melbourne, it is best to book removalists as early as two months before the move to ensure that the process will be stress-free. This way, you can avoid experiencing problems when the moving day is closer.
  • Hire a handyman. If the new property will require maintenance or repair prior to the moving date, then getting a repairman early is advisable to assure that the property does not have any fault and everything has been fixed before moving in.
  • Do some¬†spring clean. Check all belongings and choose which of them you will be bringing, selling, or donating. Homeowners who are about to move may find themselves organising a garage sale or donating their belongings.
  • Research about the new home location. When moving to a new area, it is best to know where important places are located, like the hospital, school, and supermarket.

One month before the moving day.

  • Finalise the moving date. Lock in the moving date with the removalists to have a clear timeframe of how the day would go once moving day arrives.
  • Start packing. Packing everything can be time-consuming and stressful, so it is recommended to start packing as early as possible and to assign family members with different moving tasks to lessen the stress.
  • Change address. Notify banks, the tax office, and other important contacts regarding the move. For pet owners, it is also needed to update the registration details of the pets with the current and future council office.
  • Collect keys. Make sure that all keys in the current home are collected, even spare keys from family and friends.

movers carrying a couch

One to two weeks before the moving day

  • Confirm with the removalist. Contact the removalist to confirm all payments and to know any removal requirements.
  • Final inspection. A week or two before the moving day is the best time to ensure that the property passed the standard that has been agreed upon.
  • Collect keys. If possible, visit the new property and collect the keys of the new home. If needed, book a locksmith to change the locks in the new home.
  • Finish packing. Ensure that all lids, bottles, and jars are all sealed properly to avoid spills and damage during transit. Stack all breakable things in a secured case to prevent breaking. Make sure that all important belongings, like clothes, jewelry, and important documents are stored properly.

Moving day

  • Show the removalists around the current home and give them instructions on what needs to be collected.
  • Make sure that all electrical and tap switches have been turned off.
  • Ensure that the entire home is locked up, and the keys have been turned over to the person responsible for the now previous house.
  • Double-check the entire house and make sure that nothing was left behind.

Moving interstate may be draining and stressful, however, with proper planning, time management, and help from different professionals, it is possible to make the move as smooth as possible.