Make Your Home Safer By Focusing in These Areas

A Dog Guarding the House

A Dog Guarding the HouseApart from a beautiful home, it is necessary to aim for a secure property. The one that cannot easily be penetrated by burglars. Make your home safer by securing these three important areas of your home.

Other than the aesthetics and functionality of a home, one thing that you may want to give due importance is your home’s security. Whatever investments you made in your home will be meaningless if you can’t keep your family, and everything in it secure. If you don’t live in the ultra rich’s neighborhoods where security guards are on patrol 24/7, then better make some effort to amp up your security with these straightforward measures.

Quality & Sturdy Doors

Safewise has mentioned that 33 percent of burglars enter their victim’s home through their doors. Many of these unscrupulous individuals have become “hi-tech,” which means you also have to find a door that could combat their evil genius. There are now a lot of manufacturers that make doors with multiple lock systems to ensure better home security. Make sure that you have a lighted door as well, as this can help deter those thieves.

Make Windows Intimidating

Aside from your door, another obvious entry area of burglars is the windows. Consumer Reports said that you have to make sure that the locks on your windows are working. If you’re in the process of constructing your home, better look for window designs that tell burglars to simply, “Back off!” If you will be purchasing a pre-owned house, then secure the windows’ locks right after you have moved in.

Fierce And Growling Pets

The growl of two German Shepherds, Dobermans or Rottweilers will be enough to deter a possible burglar from even making a single step towards your lighted door. Since these dogs are big and would be eating a whole lot of dog food, you just have to make sure that you allot a substantial budget for them every week. Yes, these dogs can be expensive, but the possibility of a burglary will certainly cost you more.

Securing your home means investing in quality doors, windows, and if possible, fierce pets. These investments may initially cost a hefty sum, but if it will be the means to secure your home and your family, then the expense will be worth it.