Little and Not-So-Little Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

bathroom interior

If you’ve been thinking about remodeling your bathroom in Kansas City or any other location, don’t forget that after all those tile and fixture replacements, you might want to add some unique accessories and decor to make your bathroom more alive and pleasant-looking. If you think things like wall art and greens only belong to living rooms and bedrooms, your bathroom can rock those, too.

You may have seen several galleries about bathroom decor ideas, but this list is narrowed down to only three best ideas. This way, you won’t be overwhelmed and you could decide faster.

Accent Wall

Having an accent wall will give your bathroom a more luxurious look. You could put them behind the sink or the toilet, or anywhere you want. What’s good is that you are not required to have a spacious bathroom to make this happen.

Ceramic tiles are especially a good choice of wall tiling for bathrooms, as they can handle moisture and are very easy to clean. These tiles can mimic your favorite wood or stone patterns, but they also have a lot of beautiful designs and prints to choose from. You’ll be sure to find one that fits your bathroom aesthetics.

Mosaic tiles are also a popular choice for bathroom accent walls. They’re easy to handle because they’re made from a soft material, with only a mesh underneath that holds the little tiles together. Like ceramic, you’d also get many design options with mosaic tiles. You can also combine different designs together to get a burst of color or stick to the same colors for a monochromatic look.

Bathroom wallpaper is also a good option. Note that not all types of wallpaper are suitable for bathrooms, so make sure you go for water-resistant, non-porous, and scrub-able types, such as solid vinyl wall covers. You would also have a variety of color and designs options with wallpaper.

Wall Art

If you have more space on your walls that aren’t occupied with towel racks and other bathroom necessities, fill the empty space with wall art. Depending on your taste, you can have something minimalist and modern, or vibrant and colorful. These prints can be placed either above the sink or the bathtub, or anywhere vacant.

You don’t just need one single wall art. Displaying a little collage of prints on your bathroom wall is also great. You could even use wall arts to create a simple themed bathroom.

Aside from prints, metal art hangings are also a great addition to your empty wall space. Combining them with softer prints could balance this out for a more cozy feel. If you have a wide space, you can even turn it into a mini art gallery, hanging several pieces of artworks close together. This will make your bathroom unique and fun-looking.


scented candles

Putting candles in bathrooms may already be a common practice, but splurging on more dramatic and sophisticated ones could just be what your bathroom needs. Instead of displaying one old scented candle, you could try placing at least three of the same or different sizes, decorated with beautiful candle holders.

Placing candles in a windowsill by the bath will give you an ultimate relaxing experience as you bathe not just in water but also in candlelight. You can also place the candles in the corners or anywhere by the bath if it isn’t near a window. Installing wall shelves for candle provisions is a good way to add accessories without sacrificing floor space.

For a vintage theme, you could try hanging the candles to make a dramatic candle chandelier. This way, you don’t limit your decor to the walls only; you add life to the ceiling, too.

With these three easy-to-install bathroom decors, you’d be able to make your bathroom not only the place to rest and relax, but also a picture-perfect haven. Be sure to apply at least one of these when you remodel your bathroom.