Light Switches: What are Your Options?

young girl using a light switchHave you had to go to sleep only to interrupt your sleepy haze to switch off the lights? What if that was no longer necessary? Light switches come in a variety of designs and types that will serve your application needs as well as home décor.

In Garland Texas, electricians at Rockwell Electric install only that which you ask for. It pays, therefore, to know what options you have before you can do a switch replacement. Fortunately, modern technology has made it such that the switches can also serve as energy saving.

The following are three common types of switches:

The push button switch

This switch comes in different configurations depending on the circuits. It is typically a dual position device which you can release and press. In some cases, it comes installed with a spring mechanism to return the button as it was before turning on the circuit. Other types of the switch, sink in when on but resurface when off.

The toggle switch

Mostly used in home lighting applications, the toggle switch is actuated by a lever. The lever is angled into two positions so that the circuit can be cut and reconnected easily. The bar controlling the switch will rest on either off or on making the toggle switch impractical for a bedroom, for instance.

The selector switch

A lever or a rotary knob can control this switch. It is designed such that it can rest in many positions while performing its functions. The selector switch can also be configured like a toggle switch so that the controlling knob turns either anticlockwise or clockwise.

Each switch will serve well different rooms in the house. For instance, some places could work better with sensors so that the light goes off when you leave the room. Be sure to ask your contractor for installations that will serve your practical needs.