Is It Time to Move in Together?

couple watching tv while eating popcorn

couple watching tv while eating popcornEvery relationship goes through that phase where you feel you want to move in together but fear that it might be “too soon.” But what’s considered soon varies per couple. You may have been with your partner for years and still think it’s not time to move in together even if you have your personal items in each person’s abode. For others, months of being together may be enough time to decide if they want to move in.

Since the time frame differs per couple, it’s not the length of the relationship that should determine your decision. So, what should?

Your Compatibility

A relationship thrives if two people are committed to each other and respect each other’s decisions. It shouldn’t be hard work; in fact, thinking of the best interest of your significant other should come naturally. You may also find yourself messaging them throughout the day when you see things you think they’ll like. Your decisions take them into consideration, and you want to tell them all the good and bad things that happened in your day.

You’ll know it’s time to call for moving services in South Florida if you see them exerting the same effort to think about your personal needs. You two are compatible to live together if you both can be respectful of each other’s space and mature enough to keep the shared space a stress-free zone.

On the other hand, you’re not compatible if one likes to keep everything organized while the other is known for leaving a mess at random places. If this is the case, sharing an apartment might just stress both of you.

Your Schedules

Many couples decide to move in together because they want to be able to spend their free time with their significant other. Instead of paying for two apartments and needing time to commute to get to your partner’s residence, you both decide to save some money and take the relationship to the next level. However, if your schedules don’t match, moving in together might need a little bit of work.

Say, for example, that you’re working regular hours, while your partner is on the night shift. This means you’ll be awake when they’re asleep, and their movements to prepare for work at night might disturb your sleeping patterns. This might put a strain on your relationship instead of nurturing it.

The Intimacy of Your Relationship

Young loving couple in the bedWhen you’ve been together for a long time, people expect you to get married eventually. Before you get there, you think it would be nice to move in together first. It’s a good way to see how you’ll function under the same roof.  However, if the relationship isn’t as intimate as what others expect it to be, the relationship may not be strong enough to last. When you’re in a new relationship, everything feels fun and sweet as you discover each other’s personalities.

As things progress, you may realize you’re just not that into them. If you don’t feel comfortable with them now, moving in won’t do anything. It may even make you feel more discomfort, as living in the same place means not having as many barriers between you and your partner. They see you in your least glamorous, and that requires a certain level of intimacy to be comfortable. If you’ve found someone you won’t be conscious of when they see you without any makeup on, the relationship might be worth the risk, and you can move in to see how things go.

No one else can tell you it’s time to move in with your partner. Trust your gut and if you’re sure you want that person in your life forever, then go ahead and move in with them.