Industrial Office Design: A Rustic Modern Aesthetic

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Have you seen those offices with exposed beams, pipes, concrete walls, and wood all over? They look somewhat unfinished, but they’re oddly beautiful, stylish, and unique. This industrial office design trend is becoming popular – a fusion of vintage and traditional and modern design, this office theme is indeed timeless.

Many new offices are using this design, as well as those that are renovating and creating a home office. Industrial office furniture and decor are on the rise; an industrial desk for sale can be found in many parts of the country.

With so many options now available in the market, your office’s interior design will be like no other, and maybe even cut above the rest!

The Signature Elements Of An Industrial Office

The look of an unfinished ceiling is probably the main signature element of an industrial office. Beams, pipes, and ducts are all exposed, creating a bold and raw look. All-white spaces complement them well, as well as brightly colored walls that contrast the metal piping.

Some industrial offices are results of a transformed old or abandoned warehouses, factories, or barns. The design is a mix of practicality and creativity; the unfinished ceiling eliminated the costs for additional construction.

Wood and metal work together in an industrial office. Textures are usually rough and grainy rather than smooth and sleek. Concrete or brick walls are also common, which are from the old facilities the offices once were.

Designers saved a lot of money by not tearing them down but instead turning them into signature elements of an industrial office. Concrete can be polished to a high-glossed or left matte, which achieves a more unfinished look.

Bricks and concrete accent walls have become eye-catching features, and the older they are, the better they tend to appear. The areas of the office with these accent walls work great as a meeting room for clients and guests.

Designing An Industrial Home Office

For home offices, the unfinished ceiling look isn’t likely an option. Playing with decor and furniture is critical to achieving your coveted industrial look. Dark wood floors and grey-toned elements blend together nicely.

Desks with metal surfaces and wooden legs work the best, accompanied by a comfortable chair with nailhead trims. For storage furniture, rustic cabinets and drawers can be used. Industrial shelves also fit the aesthetic well, and it could be your office’s statement piece, as it is your main industrial furniture.

It works as an additional storage and decor space. Leather couches complement the industrial decor, giving your office a touch of a vintage and classic feel.

Lighting, Fixture, and Accessories

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Vintage-style lighting would offset the cold and bare features of the building or your home office. Plush couches, indoor plants, rugs, bean bags, and scatter cushions would bring warmth to your office, making it inviting and comfortable.

Themes, like sports, for example, are also possible in an industrial office, as long as they aren’t overdone. Rustic elements of your preferred theme should be used, like metal figurines, sculptures, and other table decor.

Decorating in the contemporary era is just becoming more and more exciting. Old-fashioned pieces are being brought back to light with a twist, allowing us to maximize our creativity and imagination. Nowadays, design has almost no limits, and we all are free to introduce new trends.

The industrial office design is a playful and quirky workplace environment that is inspiring, beautiful, yet strong and professional-looking.