I Said, “Yes!”: Planning a Beautiful Engagement Bash

Woman showing engagement ring to friends

Woman showing engagement ring to friends

Your partner just proposed to you, and now, you call them “your fiance.” First of all, we would like to say congratulations and we wish the best for you. You deserve to be happy!

Preparing for a wedding and an engagement party, however, can get tiring and stressful. It could take a toll on you, both physically and mentally, but you could save yourself from that.

Here, we will discuss some things you should remember when planning an engagement party. Whether you are hiring an engagement party or wedding planner in Denver, these things should never be forgotten during the planning process.

Deal with the Guest List

Deal with the official guest list before telling people that you are having an engagement party. You would not want to go around telling people that you are throwing a party only to realize that the venue can’t accommodate a lot of people, or that the seats are not enough for some of your guests.

You can have a smaller audience in your engagement party and have a bigger one at your actual wedding. Invite close friends and family members for now, then invite other people to the main event (your wedding). Engagement parties are better if they are exclusive, intimate, and celebrated with the people close to your heart.

Choose the Right Location

See to it that your engagement party venue will not overshadow your wedding venue or reception. It should not be super informal or too formal — a casual backyard barbecue or a dinner at a restaurant would suffice. Choose a place that both you and your special one would appreciate, and make sure to think about the attendees as well.

Mind the Food Menu

Engagement parties are all about celebrating love and happiness, and most of the time, this type of life event involves food. Think about what you as a couple, your friends, and family members prefer to eat during special celebrations.

Choose a specific cuisine and make sure that everyone will enjoy and appreciate it. See to it that you have meat, vegan and vegetarian options, seafood, dessert, appetizers, and soup in your menu.

Dress Up the Venue

Dinner table at an engagement party

Pay attention to the decor, as this will reflect both you and your partner’s taste and personality. If you have an engagement party planner, then talk to them and let them know what you want to see when it comes to decorations.

Be specific. If you do not want too many flowers inside the venue, then go ahead and tell them. If you want the chairs to be dressed and the tables to have a specific color scheme, then go ahead and tell them that, too. If you are designing and decorating the place yourself, then look online for inspiration, as well as in bridal and wedding magazines.

Hire a DJ or a singer to make the party lively and fun. Interact with your guests and tell them your proposal and engagement stories. Enjoy and have tons of fun with your loved ones!