How Much Should You Spend in Connecticut for Chimney Repairs?

Man repairing chimneyHomeowners in Connecticut should expect to spend $455 on average for chimney repair and maintenance work. While removing creosote buildup is the most common chore, other usual problems include cracks and nesting animals.

Chimney inspections in Connecticut could be part of the overall work done for each visit. Professionals should have a thorough look at the structure before doing any repair work. In case the problem only involves getting rid of creosote, the price for this service may range between $100 and $300.

Why Cleaning is Important

Creosote occurs after each time you burn wood in your fireplace. It is a fire hazard when left for far too long, so make sure to schedule cleaning regularly. Experts suggest that late summer is a good time because of favorable weather.

If the contractor finds cracks during an inspection, those might explain the poor indoor air quality that causes household members to become frequently sick. For instance, a cracked mortar lets moisture inside and get mixed with creosote. This will eventually damage the fireboxes and inserts. An installation of chimney liners helps in preventing smoke from leaking inside the house. This may cost more than $100 per foot for installing a stainless steel lining.

Those who plan to use clay for lining could only spend around $10 for a 24-inch tall unit, but the price of installation will be more expensive than steel. Take note that liners will not be effective if you do not address the current problems such as cracks prior to installation. A chimney contractor should fix these problems before attempting to install it.

Man inspecting the Chimney

When to Call a Professional

Homeowners can fix small cracks in a mortar on their own by using a patch and sealant, but most of the common problems require a professional. Cracks that are at least one-fourth of an inch in size usually signal underlying problems with your chimney, so patching and sealing it could only be a temporary fix in this case.

You should call a chimney contractor as soon as possible when you notice a leaning chimney. Installing a brace to prevent it from falling will buy you some time while waiting for a professional’s visit. It is possible that you would have to remove and replace a leaning chimney to protect your roof and other connecting parts.

Once you decide to install a new chimney, it should have a spark arrestor to keep birds and other animals from nesting inside. Debris from nests often clog the opening outside, and hiring a professional is the safe way to remove it. Spark arrestors also prevent the roof from catching fire by preventing chimney sparks and burnt soot from falling into it.

Chimney repairs are better left to a professional because of the inherent safety risks, especially if the pit is too high and narrow. When hiring a contractor, you should consider a full-service and insured company to protect your property against faulty repairs. Ask for at least three quotes from different contractors before making a decision.