How Does Lighting Affect Your Restaurant Business?


Running a restaurant is a great experience, especially if you’re passionate about it. But like the other business, major and minor decisions can have a substantial impact on your business.

The very center of every business is customer satisfaction. Same with running a restaurant, you should always ensure that customers have the best experience. Even more, they should also feel excitement for the food and service that you provide them.

Although it may seem mundane, lighting plays a crucial role in an establishment’s design. But how does it play a role in providing an excellent customer experience?

How proper lighting affects customer service

Lighting does more than make a room appear bright or dim. Experts say that proper lighting can also set the mood inside your restaurant, too. Having well-designed lighting can create a soothing ambiance in your restaurant. Even more, it can also encourage your customers to linger a bit or even help turntables.

If you look at most fine dining restaurants, they usually have well-designed lighting. Using it will help set the mood. That’s because their customers must wait for a couple of minutes to serve their order. So, creating a dimly lit environment would make them feel that their order is worth the wait because it’s fancy.

Meanwhile, some restaurants use this idea for their sensory marketing. Experts say that anything that appeals to a person’s five primary senses creates a more impactful experience. It holds true, especially when it comes to ones’ choices. People aren’t aware of it because it only happens at a very subconscious level.

Fine-dining restaurants often use several layers of light to set the mood. It usually includes accent lights, downlights, scones, cove lights, and chandeliers. That’s because having more layers create more drama. You can add a bit more by playing music and displaying a few pieces of artwork, too.

Studies show that different variations of lighting can impact the way people perceive their food. But did you know that there’s the right kind of light at different times of the day?


Lighting for various times of the day

If you’re running a diner or a pancake house, most of your sales usually happen in the morning. So, the lighting that fine dining restaurants won’t apply to you. That’s why most restaurants use commercial lighting from Tampa, Florida, to get everything set up. But where do you start?

If you generate most of your revenue in the morning, you should use bright lighting. It will create an encouraging atmosphere where people would want to read their newspaper as they drink their coffee.

Meanwhile, businesses which generate more revenue during the lunchtime should use moderate lighting. Lighting can help create a faster flow of customers from in and out of the establishment.

Establishments that generate most of their revenue during dinner should use a more relaxing atmosphere. Doing so can make your guests feel like they want to linger around longer and spend more.

So, if you want to create an image where your clients will feel special, then choose the right kind of light for your business. Doing will not only boost your revenue, but it’ll also create better branding as well.