Home Improvement Projects You Should Never DIY

home improvements

Your best bet if you want to save costs on a home improvement project is to do it yourself (DIY). If you have the right tools and the knowledge to work on certain projects, then go ahead and start working on them now. You’ll be able to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars from paying premium contractor rates.

Not all home improvement projects, however, can be done on your own. Some tasks and upgrades might cost more now, but would still be the more affordable option in case your DIY attempt fails. Even with the right tools and knowledge, here are the projects that should always be best left to professionals.

Installation of Expensive Appliances

You’ve decided to upgrade your TV and bought the biggest model you can fit on your wall. Instead of just paying a professional to install it for you, you decided this is the perfect time to save just a couple of bucks. Less than a minute after mounting it on your wall, it crashes on the floor because it turns out, the screws you used are not right for the TV size.

The same goes for installing a dishwasher in your kitchen counter. This appliance has both water and electricity aspects that you should deal with. Doing it wrong can result in serious accidents. There are specific guidelines to fit them, so if you’re not licensed to do it, just let the experts handle it.

You’ve invested a lot of money on your precious appliances. Don’t try to skimp on the installation costs if you want that investment to last a long time.

Foundation Repairs

Unless you’ve worked in construction yourself, don’t ever try DIY-ing foundation repairs. This is a crucial part of your house, and one wrong move could destroy your property. Even a small nick in the wrong place can compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Let contractors specializing in concrete foundation repair do it for you, after all, they have all the experience and the tools to do the job properly. They’re also insured to guarantee that they’ll do everything up to code. While it may be a bit of a premium to get a contractor to work on these projects, it will still cost a lot less than rebuilding everything from scratch.

Tearing Down Walls of Older Structures

Man hammering a nail into the wall

If you think tearing down walls to open up space is a pretty straightforward task that anyone can do, you’re wrong. You could be putting your life at risk, as these walls could still have traces of lead or asbestos, which were used in construction way before. In case you are renovating an older house, you need to get checked for these materials first. Even a speck coming in contact with your skin could be very dangerous.

To safely renovate these kinds of structures, you should hire a contractor with the right knowledge about disposing of these materials. They’ll have the right tools for the job, complete with the necessary safety equipment to protect their workers. That may seem a bit much, but that’s what it takes to safely transform an old structure with a history of asbestos or lead use into something safe and livable for you and your family.