Help Someone Go Through the Grieving Process

Casket with flowersThe loss of a loved one can be a profoundly devastating experience for most people. Often, it is difficult to comfort a friend who’s going through a painful period. Even well-intentioned words and actions are not enough to ease the grief. These four tips can offer much comfort during this sad time.

Recommend help

The counselors at LifeCraft Counseling LLC say that the intensity and length of grief vary from person to person. Where you feel that you are ill-equipped to offer the support they need, you can ask them to join a life coaching and counseling service in Denver for therapy and help.


Talking about their grief is very therapeutic for any person going through a difficult time. Be patient and compassionate and listen to them. Sometimes communicating their sadness is hard, so let them take their time. When the time comes, let them pour out their emotions and lend an ear.

Spend time with them

Usually, friends and relative will offer their presence and support during the mourning period but disappear once the funeral is over. For many, this leaves them feeling lonely and sad. Spend more time with the person if you can. Offer your support and make them feel they’re not alone.

Participate in memorials

Memorial services help give closure to bereaved families. Show your support by being present during these services. You can also suggest ways for your friend to memorialize their loved one, for instance by writing letters or planting a tree.

When someone loses a loved one, the pain that follows can be intense and crushing. Offer your support and help them cope with their grief. Knowing what to do and say during this period can provide much-needed consolation and make things much easier.