Hear Me Out: Can Your Ears Tell Something About Your Health?

Our bodies have the ability to provide us a clue about possible health issues. From the eyes and nose to mouth and ears, they can offer hints about a person’s overall health. But, according to healthcare professionals, many people tend to take their ears for granted. As long as their hearing is still fine and free from pain, they will not visit a doctor to know if there’s anything wrong. But, this is a bad habit that many need to overcome.

Here’s what your ears may tell you about your well-being:

Ringing Sound

Have you ever experienced hearing hissing or roaring sound even if you’re in a room alone? It may mean something serious, so don’t simply neglect it. A persistent ringing noise in the ears is a sign of chronic tinnitus, which will require you to look for affordable yet quality hearing aids. If left unattended, the condition might make you deaf or suffer serious health problems.

Crease in Earlobe

Believe it or not, only few people pay close attention to features like ear creases. Earlobes are normally smooth. So, when creases are present, they may possibly be an indication of a heart problem. Many research claims that a crease in one’s ear lobe has a direct link to coronary artery disease (CAD).

As online publication Natural News puts it: “One hypothesis by Arthur Friedlander, D.M.D., a professor of oral and facial surgery at the University of California (Los Angeles), is that the earlobe, as a blood-vessel endpoint, is where blood concentrates. So any blood circulation problems or blockage in the body could be manifested in the ear, such as in the form of a crease.”

Red Ears

Something is definitely wrong when your ears are red. Though they may turn red during hot summer days, flushed ears might indicate an adrenal insufficiency. This condition may result in kidney failure and low blood pressure.

It’s time to keep an eye on your ears, as they’re also a window to your physical health.

By David Reynolds

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  1. The article is informative, but I would like to add one more
    thing. I previously read an article that claims earwax has a link with breast
    cancer. Researchers explain that having wet ear wax means a woman is bound to
    have cancer.

  2. It’s really awesome to know this! My brother has a diagonal
    earlobe crease in his ear, but sadly he pay little to no attention to it. I
    might as well share this article to him

  3. Does ear wax has something to do with heart disease? This
    may sound gross, but I have a wet ear wax and I’m freaking out. Should I go to
    my doctor immediately?

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