Guidelines for First Time Furrents

Getting a new puppy can be very exciting. For sure, you and your family have been preparing for the arrival of your new furbaby. Keep in mind that there are a few things you need to observe upon the arrival of your pet. Some puppies may take some time to adjust to their new environment. The best thing you can do is to make them feel more comfortable step by step. To help you out, here’s a guideline for new furrents:

Before the Arrival

Before the arrival, make sure to do more research about the breed you’re planning to get. Take note of their special needs. At this point, you should already have some necessities. This includes their shelter, dog food, food dish and water bowl, vitamins, treats, and toys. Providing beddings is also ideal for puppies. While there are ready-made beds you can buy at the pet store, you can simply use clean rugs or sheets as beddings.

Dog Nutrition

This is where most first-time dog owners usually have problems. When it comes to dog nutrition, there are many options to choose from. However, you need to provide a well-balanced meal for your furbabies. Remember, puppies need more nutrients compared to adults. You can’t just simply replicate the feeding routine from the breeder. You still need to do a lot of research.

Ask your breeder about the food brand they use. As much as possible, you would want to use high-quality organic kibbles for your first puppy. In case you need to switch brands, you have to do this gradually to avoid digestive upset. You can follow the 7-day rule transition. First, you can mix up to 5% of the new food to his or her current kibbles, then slowly increase the ratio day-by-day until they have fully transitioned to his or her new diet.

Other options you may explore are home-cooked food and raw feeding. For home-cooked dog meals, you can boil some lean chicken meat or turkey and ground beef. Adding liver and other animal organs are also good. Avoid giving cooked bones as these impose choking hazards and digestive problems.

Meanwhile, raw feeding requires the right meat ratio. For puppies, you can start with the BARF diet, which consists of ground lean meat (chicken or beef or combination of both), internal organs, and veggies like shredded carrots or cabbage.) Always consult your local vet regarding the best nutrition for your puppies.

The Arrival

As mentioned, some puppies may take some time to adjust to their new environment. Just let them explore their new kennel and the entire house.  Usually, they may not eat on the first day. Make sure they always have water. Try offering some food and treats the next day.

During his or her first two weeks, you may start crate training them. Once your pup has completed all the vaccine shots, you can now put them on a leash. If you’re having a hard time correcting their behavior, consider looking for puppy training schools in Jacksonville, FL.

Having a dog is a lifetime commitment. Make sure you can provide their needs. Other than food and shelter, you need to make time to socialize with them.

By David Reynolds

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