Getting Ready for Dating Again with Cosmetic Dentistry in Northern Ireland

Woman checking her smile on the mirror

Woman checking her smile on the mirror

What do people look at when they study people’s photos on internet dating sites? Is it what make their watch is, or their shoes, or how recently they cut their hair? No. They are looking for signs of how warm and friendly that person is. What they are looking for first and foremost is a great smile. Give someone a great smile as a first impression and they probably won’t care so much about a dodgy haircut or jeans with last years’ waistband height on.

So many people use internet dating sites these days, especially as they get older and can’t face going clubbing as a way to meet people anymore. Profile pictures are a vital part of attracting the right new partner, and yet so many fall down at this hurdle. Their teeth aren’t up to the job of being 21st century teeth and so the prospective dater doesn’t smile, or they do it with their mouths shut. Both give off signs of being cold and unfriendly, and yet both are so easily fixed with the help of good cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland, such as that available at Blue Sky Dentistry.

A dentist skilled in cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland will be able to suggest clever ways to fix a smile. They see teeth and gums in more ways than just as simple eating tools. They know how much investment can rest on a good smile and making a good first impression. Cosmetic dentists are trained to understand and appreciate that teeth need to be a certain size and shape and in a certain alignment to look good, and that these sizes and rations vary from person to person. With smiles, it is not true that one size fits all. In one face, some teeth may look too big, but put those same teeth into another face and mouth and they will look too small.

Colour is also important. Generally speaking, white teeth denote youth and vigour and as we age, our teeth get duller and yellower. It’s important to brighten them up but not so much that they look incongruous against the wearer’s other features.