Frozen: Common Reasons AC Ice Up

reliable ac maintenance

Air conditioners remove moisture from a room and capture a lot of water in the process. Most air conditioners leak water and the source of it can be indirect.

reliable ac maintenance

Leaky air conditioners are troublesome. One of the most common reasons behind leaks is after a unit ices up. This condition is often the result of poor airflow. The cooling system of the air conditioner gets affected each time there’s a restriction in the airflow. There will be changes in the critical pressure-temperature balance of the cooling coil if you take it to the extreme. When this happens, the cooling coil starts functioning as a refrigerator rather than an air conditioner.

Air conditioners should de-humidify a room, not refrigerate it. If you notice that your air conditioner is icing up, call an AC repair in Chesapeake, VA today to diagnose the problem.

Cold Control Not Shutting Off

The cooling coil surface temperature will drop below dew point if the cold control doesn’t shut off. If this happens, your air conditioner will start to refrigerate and allow ice to build up in the cooling coil.

Dirty Filter

Check your air filter if you see ice forming on your outdoor unit. Dirty filters impede airflow, so make sure to clean it once in a while.

To prevent your air conditioner from freezing up, invest in a preventive maintenance plan or seasonal tune-up. Call an AC repair shop in Chesapeake to take care of your AC needs.