Four Common Roofing Problems And How You Can Fix Them


Owning a home is a fantastic experience, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. Just like everything else, parts of your house can deteriorate over time, including your roofs.

Your roofs are one of the most significant investments in your house. So, it’s only practical to know the signs of any troubles. Leaving a small leak unattended will only cause even worse problems in the future. But where do you start?

One way to save you from all the expensive repairs is by understanding the most common problems shared by almost every homeowner. So, here are a few of the things that can cause you problems and what you can do about them.


Constant exposure to any type of weather inclemency can deteriorate your roofing material over time. Although inorganic roofing materials are less prone to such damage, they can still get affected by direct exposure to weather condition. Also , The Balance Small Business says that exposure to industrial atmosphere and pollutants can accelerate the decay of any roofing material. That’s why it’s best to perform regular checkups to ensure that the roofing materials don’t show any signs of deterioration.

Roof leaks

When you’re trying to find the source of the leaks, you need to look uphill starting from the source of the stains. The Family Handyman says that the leaks show up at a ceiling spot that’s far from the actual hole. That’s why it’s best to set the insulation aside for the meantime. Then, try to look for any flow of stains on top of the plastic. Doing so will make it much easier to trace the source of the water leaks.

Wind damage


Wind can also cause your roofs to get damaged. The vacuum, together with the uplifting pressure, can blow over the edge of the roof. Thus, partially ripping the roofing system as well as its membrane. You can fix the problem by securely fastening that both the insulation and the roofing. Also, ensure that the primary roof structure can withstand the forces exerted on the roof.

Vent flashing failure

Most houses have vent pipes included in their plumbing system. These pipes often go through the roofs, which can sometimes spell trouble, especially if it didn’t go through proper installation. There are two kinds of seals that roofing companies in Salt Lake City, Utah use to seal the vents. A boot often relies on a rubber seal that snugly fits the vents. Meanwhile, the other one is an all-metal flashing that uses soft lead which can easily be bent to fit into the pipes. Some of these all-metal flashings come with an entire lead, while others come with galvanized iron.

There are other roofing problems that you need to know so that you can properly maintain your roof. If you notice any leaks or damages, immediately contact a roofing company to have it repaired. Checking all these things will prevent it from getting worse. Thus, helping you avoid even more expensive repairs in the future.