Food and Drinks to Avoid After Teeth Whitening Procedure

For many people, there is nothing more appealing than having straight and white teeth. After a comprehensive tooth whitening procedure, however, some find it difficult to make the results long lasting.

The thing is, many do not educate themselves on how to properly care for teeth and gums after a dental treatment. Right after the procedure, some tend to go to their favourite place to hang out for a much-needed relaxation. This is not a great idea, though. There are specific food and drinks to avoid after undergoing a whitening procedure, says Harley Dentistry. And, you cannot consume these within 48 hours after the treatment.

Here are some of them: 

1) Coffee

Coffee stains the teeth fastest than any other beverages. Perhaps, drinking too much coffee is the main reason you need to undergo the procedure in the first place. So, limit your caffeine intake as much as possible.

2) Soda

The same goes with soda and wine. Some people are fond of drinking a glass of red wine after dinner. Skip this if you’ve undergone the procedure a while ago. Avoid these to prolong the results of the treatment, too.

3) Chocolate

Like caffeine, chocolate contains substances that can stain the teeth. But, you do not have to get rid of eating it completely. You just need to avoid it for seven days after getting the treatment.

4) Dark sauces

Sauces also stain the teeth and the effects are most obvious after the procedure. Avoid marinated food as well especially those marinated in soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and other dark sauces.

5) Acidic fruits

After the procedure, the teeth enamel are weakened in short-term. Consuming food that increases the acidity level in the saliva further harms the teeth. Teeth sensitivity may occur after a procedure if you’ve consumer acidic food. Examples of these are orange, lemon, and lime.

Be reminded that you did not undergo the procedure only to have your teeth stained again due to neglect. The goal must be making the results long-lasting. If it means staying away from foods and drinks that stain the teeth then, so be it.


By David Reynolds

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