Effortless Shipping Solutions

sea vessel containing cargo

Customers may have different freight shipping choices depending on their location. It may be through land, sea or air. Transporting through land is commonly faster than sea and air vessels. Although land shipping requires valid documents, it is easier to process. Sea and air shipments require more permits and authorisation needed by the country it will go to. According to the International Maritime Organization, the use of sea vessels in the transportation of large quantities of goods are more economical than any other bulk shipping method.

All around the world, 90% of commerce and exchange is done through sea freight. In cases of disputes in shipments through different forms of freight, demurrage insurance should be taken accordingly. It is essential to take precautionary measures if ever there are problems with the destination port or officials in the area. Up to USD 5 million may be given to cover for the insurance. There is also a team of lawyers to help charterers and owners.

Packaging and shipment procedures are strictly followed to avoid complications. One of the first things a customer checks is the shipping fee. Is it included in the product price? Will the shipping cost more than what the customer will buy? What is the conversion of money if it is to be shipped outside the country? Here are some useful tips on how to make effortless shipments.

Shipment Options

Transit fee does not always need to be free. Although it is very enticing to buyers if it is. For shipments within the country, you may include the price in the product. This will help them compute less for how much it will cost them. If the cost of shipment differs a lot per region, you may opt to use the strategy for international fees. Regional, provincial or worldwide freight transport should be laid out. It is vital to show the exact cost of product shipment accordingly with regards to its weight. Estimated days of arrival should be followed. Give options to buyers if they want to choose standard or express shipping.

Durable Packaging

Customers give positive comments and reviews when they receive their items in good condition. It all depends on how the seller packs it. Present your products in an ideal manner. Make sure it is safe and secured in the box. Make it neat and attractive. You may include a small note of appreciation. If needed, add a bubble wrap. Your package may roll or get squashed while inside the vessel of transport.

Permits, Documents and Tracking

person signing an approved document

With land shipments, a waybill document is usually asked from the seller. Some couriers include insurance if the product gets lost or damaged when received by the customer. These couriers are more likely trusted and liable. In terms of international freight, permits should be collected and submitted to avoid problems when the package arrives. Always give your customer tracking numbers to be updated with the arrival of their product.

Shipping is one of the vital parts of running a business. Letting another company handle and transport your products may require following specific steps and procedures. It may be difficult for a business owner to find a reputable, affordable and trustworthy shipping company to transit one’s product. The best way to handle product shipment is to plan and offer options.