Do You Need Pest Control or Can You DIY It?

pest control

Warm seasons always attract many unpleasant guests into our households. Maybe you spotted a rat in the kitchen and are now freaking out over it. Your first instinct may be to grab the phone and dial the pest control number you remember seeing on the side of a van just last week. But before you do, try to think when your situation warrants professional services and when you can try to fix the problem yourself. Here, we talk about some signs that you really do need the experts.

Are you doing something wrong?

The source of a pest infestation is often a practice that is making your house more attractive to them. If you are finding numerous ants or slugs all of a sudden, the reason may simply be that you are leaving out trash in the kitchen overnight. You could also have picked up a new habit such as composting. Composting is known to attract slugs. You can get special bins that are sealed to prevent bugs from getting in them.

If you are leaving trash out in garbage bags, that might be the reason you are getting raccoons and skunks. Getting special trash cans will solve your problem. Make sure that you are cleaning your space regularly and that there are no gaps through which outdoor pests can enter your house. If you have indoor gardens, these are also likely to attract pests. Make sure to keep all plants at a distance from your windows and doors. Move the garden outside during the hotter months. If after all the behavior changes you still find that the problem persists, there are many exterminators in Sandy and nearby cities who can come to your rescue.

Is it a bee problem?

swarm of bees

If your home is facing a bee problem, which is that there is a swarm of honeybees setting up a giant honeycomb hanging from your porch, you may need to get that checked out. But remember that bees are becoming endangered and that they are declining in numbers, which is causing all sorts of environmental problems. You can get them sprayed and exterminated, but you might also want to call a local beekeeper so that the honeycomb can be relocated or the bees taken away. Ask the pest control company if it would be possible for them to do this and if they have a bee handling unit. Bees will not bother anyone if left alone.

When dealing with wildlife

There are many species that are considered wildlife such as possums and coyotes or bobcats. It will be illegal for you to deal with them yourself. Your best bet in these cases is to call the pest control guys. Even if you can deal with raccoons and beavers yourself, it is best to call someone who is trained in handling these wild animals. They can carry deadly diseases and really hurt you.

Calling pest control is often the right step to take. If left unchecked, pests such as termites can cause serious damage. They can affect the integrity of your house.