How to Create Content by Integrating Social Media and Digital Signage


A business is not a business without a marketing strategy. One great example is advertising tools to boost awareness of their brand and inform people about what they offer as a commercial enterprise.

Entrepreneurs depend on a wide range of advertising strategies to communicate their company’s message to their target audience. For example, a business owner running a crafting shop seeks companies that use wood laser engraving equipment for wooden signage and art decors.

Today, an innovation in the marketing industry has emerged in the form of digital marketing. In recent years, digital marketing has experienced a significant transformation in the world of technology. Marketers and business owners were able to explore other new ways of reaching their target market. They utilized the Internet and digital technologies, such as smartphones, computers, and other media platforms, to promote their products or services.

Among digital marketing strategies, social media platforms are the most effective way to boost engagement and social following. If managed well, it can lead to huge audience growth and a boost in revenue. To repeat its full benefits, marketers integrate social media into digital signage by highlighting interactions, creating visible content, and including calls to action.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how to leverage your social media platform into digital signage and produce engaging content.

Make it visible

Any form of advertising tool must be visible, and this includes the social media elements of your digital signage. Simply including the feed won’t attract attention.

There are ways to increase visibility without using the entire space of the display. The trick is to apply contrasting hues for the content to draw the viewers’ gaze. You can also try animations for added creativity and character. For those who want to utilize the full screen, incorporate social media segments in the content loop to showcase the best comments or replies.

Another way is to include a live video on your display to get more attention. This is a great way to allow potential customers to know more about your brand. Other brands request customers to share their stories and feedback in video format to boost engagement. Not only will you save thousands of dollars on a professional video producer, but you’re also giving your customers a good platform.

Focus on interactions


People spend more time on social media, so take advantage of it by emphasizing its “social aspect.” This refers to the set of user interactions that connects brands with their audience within a digital platform. In this case, the social aspect isn’t just about displaying your tweets or posts anytime you want and expecting viewers to care. It needs to showcase unique customer interactions.

Increase the social aspect of your display by showcasing the best customer responses that really stand out. These include customers’ feedback, artwork, jokes/memes, inspiration stories, and relevant comments or tweets.

Customer responses may vary according to their unique experience with your brand, so make sure to pick comments you want to highlight carefully. Never display the entire comment feed in case a troll commenter leaves a hateful or irrelevant response on your page. If there are any, put a humorous twist on troll comments by displaying your snarkiest comeback to trolls. One example is the famous fast-food chain Wendy’s that features roast and takedowns of users on its Twitter feed.

Always include a call to action

The content you display on digital signage should be clear and precise enough so the audience can easily understand the message you’re trying to convey.

So a great way to engage viewers is to always include a call to action on your content. A call-to-action is any piece of invitational content that encourages the viewer to take a specific action. In marketing, a brand that uses a compelling call to action is likely to receive positive responses and valuable feedback from its viewers.

Interacting with the audience and creating a sense of urgency is already a form of call to action. The same goes when you encourage them to share their image and videos on your page or website. If you want the audience to check out your social media page, make sure to display the page or account handle clearly so that they can see it.

At the heart of every digital marketing strategy is content. People look for reasons to engage with your brand, and bringing them up-to-date information will increase their awareness of your products and services. By integrating digital signage with social media, you’re using two powerful digital mediums together. Plus, you’re creating a compelling stage for your audience and customers.