Commercial Maintenance: Keeping Your Shop Clean and Allergen-free

Shopping in a well-maintained grocery store in WellingtonOne thing you can’t avoid when you operate a supermarket or grocery store is the dirt that enters the floor. Customers bring it with their shoes and so does your personnel. Whenever a delivery arrives and the goods enter the shop floor, dust or even mud can enter with them.

When this happens, the dirt does not stay on the floor. Particles get suspended in the air and even enter the cooling or heating system. Some of the dirt may collect on the racks and the products you are selling, while some of them can find their way under boxes, display racks, cash registers or wherever else it can stay undetected for a long time.

You can’t have a business that’s known for being filthy or for triggering allergic reactions and endangering customers and personnel. Here are some solutions to help avoid this problem:

Hire Enough Personnel

When employees have to juggle between helping customers and doing their tasks, they may not have enough time or energy left for mopping the floor and wiping down the shelves. There have to be employees dedicated to one or two jobs. For example, restocking shelves and mopping the floor and wiping surfaces. This way, your entire area remains clean.

Hire Professional Cleaners

Call a company that offers commercial cleaning in Wellington or anywhere your property is and have them wipe down everything. Do this at least once a month or as often as needed, especially during peak shopping months such as holidays. Professional cleaners can likewise clean your toilets and your warehouse.

Replace the Doormats Often

Doormats do a good job of removing most of the dirt from shoes so it doesn’t make it inside your store. If your doormats only get washed or replaced once a year, however, they will become less effective. Replace them as often as possible, depending on the kind of traffic your store gets. When they get soggy with snow or rainwater, replace them every day.

These are simple but effective steps for preventing dirt build-up in your place of business. They can help protect your employees and customers from diseases and allergic reactions.