Candies and Sweet Treats: The Good and the Bad Options

A little girl eating sweets Some people just can’t get enough of candies, chocolate, and other sweet treats. If this is the same for you, you may be concerned about your oral health or worried about getting cavities and decay over time.

Quitting the consumption of sugary treats is ideal, but you don’t have to completely give up your sweet cravings. It is more important to know the good and the bad options for your teeth, so you can still enjoy treats without damaging your teeth.

Good Options

Sugar-free chewing gums.

These remain the best option for your teeth, as they may prevent cavities. They increase the flow of saliva, helping dislodge food particles from your teeth. Chewing gums may also prevent tooth decay by neutralizing the acids in your mouth.

Dark chocolate.

This has antioxidants that lower blood pressure and benefit the heart. The best part is, it has natural chemicals that can decrease the bacteria in your mouth and prevent decay. Just be sure to consume dark chocolate in moderation.

Sugar-free candies.

Just like sugar-free gums, they stimulate the flow of saliva and relieve dry mouth. Lakeville family dental practices note that a dry mouth may cause your breath to smell and increase your risk of getting cavities.

Bad Options

Sugary treats.

Lollipops, cakes, and cookies contain high amounts of sugar and may cause tooth decay. The same is also true for starchy snacks or those loaded with carbohydrates such as crackers, fries, and potato chips.

Sour candies.

Apart from containing lots of sugar, these candies also have high acid content. Excessive consumption can wear down the enamel quickly and make your teeth more sensitive. Eat such treats occasionally or brush your teeth after 30 minutes to avoid intensified erosion effects.

Sticky and chewy treats.

Gummy candies and dried fruits are loaded with sugar that can contribute to tooth decay. This is because they may get stuck between teeth, causing the sugars or acids to stick in the mouth longer.

It is okay to eat sweets, but be sure to choose the good options and limit your consumption. Maintaining proper oral hygiene and visiting your dentist for checkups and cleaning are essential to promote good oral health.