Be the One that Gives Good Gifts

giving a gift

We give gifts as a symbol of love and appreciation. When we are the ones receiving gifts, we often feel gratitude and acknowledgment. But when we are the ones on the giving end, it feels like we have to think of the best gift. And that’s understandable, after all, we want to make them happy by giving them something they’d like. That’s why thinking of what gift to give is always among the most difficult parts of actually giving a gift.

We understand that everyone is different. We all have different people to give gifts to, and different situations in life. So instead of giving you specific items to give your friends or family, here are some things to consider when thinking of a gift:

Know their Profession

Pros don’t mind having spares of their regular equipment and tools. If anything, they’ll appreciate it more! But you can go above and beyond by giving them unique tools. A chef would appreciate a knife that’s personalized with engraving, or a repair person would appreciate having unique screwdrivers. It’s all in familiarizing yourself with their most commonly used equipment and getting them a special version of it. If you and the one you’re giving a gift to works in the same industry, then the process is all the more simple.

Know their Hobbies

Everyone likes getting free things for their hobbies, so take advantage of this! Video game enthusiasts always appreciate a new video game, and a computer geek always appreciates new components. Knowing your friends’ hobbies will make the thinking process easier, as you’d know which ones they’ll appreciate getting.

Many hobbyists are very vocal about what they want since most niche hobbyists often spend more than their allotted budget but still end up wanting more. Take a quick trip to their social media account: they’re most likely talking about the next thing they want there. Do them better by getting it for them.

paper wrapped gift

Be Spontaneous and Quirky

Sometimes, the gift doesn’t have to be related to what they’re doing for a living or what they have fun with. Those two things help, but don’t forget that the act of giving is often more than enough. Instead of always giving practical gifts (no matter how helpful it may seem), give ones that bring a smile or joy to their face. Make your gift-giving process spontaneous and fun by just giving them a gift out of the blue, especially gifts that make you think of them.

Get the things that remind you of them: perhaps items of their favorite color, or cute merchandise that falls in line with their personality. It’s these gifts that make us feel appreciated the most, as it reminds them that there are people who think of them throughout the day.

Prank Gifts for Laughs

And since we’re on the topic of spontaneity, everybody appreciates fun and harmless prank. Why not give them something that will make them laugh? As mentioned before, a gift is an expression of love. It doesn’t always have to be very useful. Should your gift make them laugh, joy, or feel appreciated, then the gift has done its job. Think of getting them to prank gifts or comedy items, especially if you know they’re someone who enjoys a good laugh.

Know their culture

Foreign friends often miss their home country. They’re away from their family and home, probably longing for their taste of homeliness. Consider giving them a gift that would hit their nostalgia by giving them cultural gifts from their own country. However, this advice requires sensitivity, as you don’t want to accidentally offend them.

This advice is best for those very familiar with their friend or loved one’s culture. If you have a Japanese friend who’s been out of Japan for a while, a mochi gift box might make them remember home and put a smile on their face. Giving culture-specific gifts can be a risky move, but if you get it right, the result is more than worth it.

Just Ask Them

You can make the entire process even simpler by being straightforward and asking them what kind of gift they want. Even a roundabout way of asking like “what would you like to get if you were to receive a gift?” Everyone appreciates a gift, and showing your intent might make them even more excited to receive one. Needless to say, if they’re the type who likes to be surprised, you might want to be discreet. But if not, then nothing’s wrong with just asking straightforwardly.