Avoid Neighbor Disputes: Follow Fencing Etiquette

Whatever your reason for installing a fence, you need to consider proper fence etiquette before move forward with construction. Following zoning regulations and sharing plans with folks next door will help avoid hefty fines and neighbor disputes. This applies whether you live in Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Miami, New York City, or anywhere else in the country.

Practice fencing etiquette and avoid neighbor disagreements with these tips:

Follow HOA

Members of Home Owner Associations (HOA) have legal powers to collect fines if you do not follow fencing construction rules. HOAs decide on the height, style, and maintenance that you need to coordinate with your chosen fence company. Salt Lake City fence builders suggest checking regulations and restrictions first before installing a fence in your property.

Know the Boundaries

Study your house line drawing or get a new survey to avoid disputes when building or extending a fence. Make sure to respect height limits for side, back, and front yards. More strict rules and limitations apply to corner lights, as blind curves can restrict driving visibility. It is best to obtain permits and know about local zoning regulations and other restrictions.

Let Neighbors Know

Have a conversation with your neighbors before installing a fence. This is to resolve any property line issues prior to the construction. You don’t need to show the design to your neighbors, but make sure to share your plans regarding construction and boundaries to avoid disputes.

Maintain the Fence

It is your responsibility to clean and maintain both sides of the fence. If one side starts to rot or rust, repaint it or replace it. The most convenient materials to keep clean are vinyl fencing. It is best to avoid wood, as you need to clean or re-seal them every three years or more.

Make your fence pleasing to look at to discourage neighbors who might be thinking of complaining. A fence that is well maintained and attractive will enhance your property and contribute to a better neighborhood.

By David Reynolds

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