Activities and Exercises for Improving Your Confidence and Acting Skills

Some go into acting just so they can get rid of their shyness and gain confidence. You can learn much from your mentors and classmates onstage, but you will also benefit from doing some of your own self-confidence exercises

Here are just a few popular ones.

One on One

As an actor, you'll have conversations with fellow actors, the camera and the audience. To get the right feel for scenes that require an "imaginary" partner, observe how you actually talk to people face-to-face. How do you express your ideas to them? Are your words easily understood? Can you identify the times you're actually making a connection to your listener? Apply your findings onstage and see a remarkable difference.

Mirror Conversation

Many great speakers practice in front of themselves. Speaking in front of a mirror shows you what others might see, such as your facial expressions, the look in your eyes, and even the way you gesture. You can easily improve on these aspects without having to go through awkward situations onstage when something you're doing won't work with your audience.


When you were young, you may have found cartoon characters or people who were so memorable, entertaining, or infamous, that you couldn’t resist copying them, either vocally or through movements and facial expression. Translate that to a role you're playing and use that as your everyday exercise while waiting for your turn in front of the camera.

Physical Improvement

Some actors are required to have a certain look for their roles. Whether you visit a gym, stylist, or a hair transplant clinic in Glasgow like Fue Clinics, it’s entirely up to you how you can make yourself feel and look the part. The bonus you get for such enhancements is the fact that you have improved yourself visually and can keep it not just for the camera.

Eventually, your main objective as an actor is to touch your audience with a truthful, honest, and thought-provoking performance. With constant practice, you will be able to move people with your performance. Just remember to never stop improving yourself.

By David Reynolds

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