A Slice of Life: What It Means to Live in Chepstow

Brighter Smiles In ChepstowHave you ever wondered what it must feel like to live in a place like Chepstow?

As a town in Monmouthshire, Wales, the town locates itself on the River Wye, serving as residence to a population of around 12,000. There also sits the Chepstow Castle, the oldest surviving stone castle in Britain, on a clifftop above the Wye and its bridge. To generalise the aura of Chepstow, people would more or less describe the place as ‘lovely’ and ‘great for everything’—this includes shops, facilities, train transportation and an authentic experience of the countryside.

Not for Thrill-Seekers

Whilst there are people who put down Chepstow as ‘a tad on the dull side’, the description falls on deaf ears. It is but natural for a town with an archaic castle to cater to those who are fond of nature’s timeless peace and quiet. The town has no pretensions of any sort.

If you were to live here, it is more than likely, given the town’s train accessibility, that commuters pass through every so often on a daily basis. This is what it is possibly like to live in Chepstow—to bathe in its age and come across a slew of faces and a bevvy of smiles as you move around. It is not surprising then to be aware of how a dental network, such as MiSmile, discusses the availability of Invisalign in Chepstow.

To Come Across as a City Snob

For no apparent or quantifiable reason, there has been a long-standing belief that Europeans are snobbish. The populace believes, when compared to Americans, Europeans do not smile as warm. Is this due to the prevalent image of the urban and city dwellers? Maybe so, but others believe this is due to their poor dental hygiene and unsightly teeth.

Living in Chepstow espouses a healthier lifestyle, having less pollution. This results in better smiles, and if you were to couple this with dental treatment, such as whitening or straightening, would it not bring light to the seer stone river cliffs, the whitewashed buildings, medieval cottages and old Georgetown homes scattered up by the castle hill?