8 Great Careers to Consider During Your Job Search

There’s no denying that finding a new job can be a very tiresome and defeating process, and these feelings are only amplified when you don’t know what types of careers are available to you. Thus, some job seekers may spend months going around in the same recruitment circles without realizing that their next opportunity was sitting in front of them all along. As a result, this article will provide you with a list of great jobs that you’re invited to consider when starting your next job search.

1. Welder

If you love working with your hands and find great pride in making something new, you’re well suited to a position as a welder. This trade has been around for centuries and uses a series of traditional practices to help these professionals produce a number of stainless steel shapes. As such, by learning how to effectively manipulate large strands of metal, these professionals are free to manufacture a range of everyday items, from cutlery sets to complex surgical tools. Despite the hard work that goes into these great jobs, you don’t necessarily need a college degree to find success in this thriving industry. Most welders decide to enroll in comprehensive training programs and apprenticeships, meaning that they only need a High School Diploma or a GED in order to get started in their careers. Thus, this is a fantastic vocation for those who want to work in a booming trade but aren’t so keen on spending copious amounts of money on a degree. For those who are keen to start this job as soon as possible, it’s advised that you begin a welding program at your local technical college. A lot of these programs can be completed within a year and offer placements so that you can earn hands-on experience. Even though welding is quite a niche practice, these professionals still have the chance to earn a very lucrative living, with Talent.com informing us that welders take home an average of $39,000 every year.

2. Dog Boarder

With more and more people deciding to adopt dogs every year, it seems that dog boarding has become a very popular industry. A dog boarder is responsible for taking care of a number of dogs whilst they stay at a licensed facility. The duration for which these dogs remain at this establishment differs depending on the needs of the owner. For example, some people place their dogs in a boarding house whilst they’re at work and others keep them there for a number of weeks whilst they’re on holiday. Since pet owners only want the best for their furry friends, it seems that cage free dog boarding houses are the most desired option on the market. Alongside caring for these dogs on a daily basis, dog boarders are also expected to feed these animals as well as take them for long walks to ensure that they get enough exercise. Even though there are no specific qualification requirements for these great jobs, a lot of establishments are keen to hire those with previous managerial experience as well as some sort of certificate in animal handling. Pay Scale explains that the average salary of a dog boarder is around $51,000, making this a fantastic career move for animal lovers who want to break free from the demands of a typical 9-5.

3. Lawyer

Although many lawyers are expected to battle through years of further education in order to get their great jobs, there are a number of different ways that you can break into this field. Plus, with so many jurisdictions to choose from, you’re bound to find a niche that best suits your interests and passions. For example, elder law lawyers strive to advocate for those over the age of 65, ensuring that they can find financial freedom and independence in their later years. In turn, these are great jobs for those who may have previous experience working with older people and would rather work to see them thrive than to spend their days fussing over them. These lawyers also provide a lot of education and advice to their clients, encouraging them to make a difference both inside and outside the courtroom. Since elder law is so vast and covers so many bases, students would be expected to take a number of relevant courses to ensure that they gain as much knowledge as possible. Thus, you may be advised to take health law, medical ethics, and public policy during your time at your respective law school. Once you’ve secured your degree, you’re free to work in a number of relevant institutions, such as your own law firm or at a local charity. Zip Recruiter also notes that those who practice this type of law have the chance to earn an average of $108,160 per year.

If you’re keen to study a wealth of similar topics, but don’t feel comfortable working around older people, you may benefit more from becoming an estate lawyer. These professionals focus on helping their clients secure their assets by producing a series of wills and trusts. Therefore, these are great jobs for those who are keen to help others get their affairs in order before they die. If they’re expected to work on a very complex and comprehensive case, these lawyers may also collaborate with financial authorities and tax workers to ensure that their client’s estate can be divided among the eligible heirs with ease. Together with your Juris Doctor degree, budding estate lawyers are expected to gain a lot of hands-on experience either through work placements or mentorships. They should also be clued up on the Uniform Probate Code before they start collaborating with any clients. Though this may sound like too much hard work, the payoffs are immense, as Comparably suggests that these lawyers can earn up to $1,396,541 a year.

4. Forensics Expert

For those who enjoy spending their free time watching true-crime documentaries and police drama series, there are a number of great jobs available for you. Forensics experts are not just something you see on TV, they’re considered to be a key asset to the majority of high-profile investigations. These workers use an assortment of scientific methods and practices to identify the cause of harm in a suspicious criminal case. They also present this evidence to their peers, meaning they’re also expected to have good literacy and public speaking skills. However, not every aspect of this job is as gory as it sounds. A computer forensic business focuses more on the digital components of a certain investigation, analyzing a suspect’s personal devices to see if they can gain any more evidence to support their theories. Although many of us believe that we could complete this job using what we learned from our favorite films and TV shows, forensic experts have to study for many years before they’re able to carry out their daily tasks. Most of these candidates start by completing a Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field such as biochemistry, toxicology, or biology. Once you start working in this field professionally, you will likely be asked to complete a number of tests including a drug test, a fitness test, and perhaps a review of your driving record. So, it’s important to keep these things in mind if you’re looking to make this type of career change. Indeed notes that these professionals tend to earn anywhere between $45,221 to $97,883, but the average amount is usually $66,531.

5. Scientist

Scientists are responsible for expanding our knowledge and broadening our horizons, making it a suitable option for those looking to make a difference in our modern world. There is an abundance of great jobs within this sector, so even if you don’t want to spend your days finding a cure for cancer, you can still focus on completing a range of test lab relocations. In order to become a scientist, you will have to finish many years of education, including four years at Undergrad, 5 years of Postgrad, as well as 3 years of Research placements. Therefore, you’re advised to find a niche that you’re truly passionate about before you embark on such a strenuous and lengthy journey. Despite the hardships linked to this type of job, you have the chance to be at the forefront of scientific developments and experiment with a ton of specialist equipment, such as a conservation vent and a unique medical scanner. Career Explorer suggests that scientists can earn an average of $86,700 per year, but this rate can go up to $131,200 for the top 20% of candidates.

6. Crane Operator

The construction industry is packed full of great jobs and a crane operator is just one of them. These individuals are responsible for driving immense cranes so that they can securely lift and move certain materials to their designated locations. Although you mostly see these operators in widespread building sites, these contractors also have the chance to work in a range of other exciting locations, such as railway tracks, surface mines, and other industrial sites. Since these workers are responsible for aiding so many important projects, they’re associated with immensely high levels of demand. Thus, if you’re eager to work in an ambitious industry with lots of work opportunities, this is the perfect job for you. Fortunately, you don’t typically need any formal qualifications to work at a standard crane company, as this seems to be a role where people value those who learn the tricks of the trade as they go along. Yet, there are a number of technical courses and apprenticeship programs available for those who want to advance their careers in this particular industry. In turn, this is a suitable option for those who enjoy hands-on experience as well as those who consider themselves to be a bit more booksmart. This role is also a good choice for those who want to earn a decent living, as Salary.com suggests that these workers earn an average of $52,435 per year.

7. Shipping Professional

With the advent of e-commerce and globalization, we now rely on shipping services more than ever. But in order to keep this industry up and running throughout the year, it needs to be supported by a collection of reputable shipping professionals. These workers mainly deal with the most vital steps in the shipping journey, including packing the items, delivering them to the relevant recipient, and tracking the storage containers throughout the entire transit process. Thus, without these professionals, your online delivery may struggle to appear in your mailbox. Although you don’t need any specific qualifications to work in your local warehouse, you will need to complete a degree in Shipping Operations if you want to delve into much larger procedures, such as working at sea. Therefore, there seem to be some great jobs available for those at any experience level and especially for those who are looking to try something a little more off-beat. Glassdoor explains that these workers typically earn between $49,000 to $72,000 per year.

8. Mechanic

If you consider yourself to be an avid car lover, you may benefit from starting a career as a mechanic. These contractors strive to fix and repair different aspects of a vehicle, completing vital processes such as a transmission rebuild or even an oil change. Moreover, there are a number of different ways that you can enter this industry, so it seems that this is a great option for those who want to complete the usual college experience as well as those who want to dive straight into the world of work. As such, whatever path you choose to go down, Zippa notes that you have the chance to earn an average of $47,149 per year.

Finding a new job can be a very tedious process, but it should be noted that there are an array of great jobs out there. So, before you lose hope in this lengthy process, it’s important that you research and experiment with as many options as possible. Thus, if you’re keen to change your career in the near future, make sure to consider some of the roles discussed throughout this article.